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We design custom websites and marketing campaigns that generate leads for law firms.

With over 15 years of experience and a proven process, Kaleidico helps law firms to rapidly position themselves for the increasingly digital-first economy. If you’re considering a website redesign or lead generation strategy. You want to have a discussion with our team. We’re the competitive edge you’re looking for.

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Attorney Marketing has Changed

COVID-19 has changed the landscape of legal marketing. Attorneys reliance on face-to-face networking and referrals has been radically interrupted. Your website and online marketing strategy is your only lifeline to new case generation.

Of course, that begs these two critical questions:

  1. Are you positioned online as the top law firm in your practice area?
  2. Is your website optimized to turn visitors into case inquires?

For most of you, the honest answer is, “no.”

Kaleidico can help fix that.

(while other law firms in your market are still ignoring this radical shift in the legal market)

Performance-guided design and marketing

Stop being indistinguishable from your competitors.

Cookie-cutter websites and copy and paste ads drain your budgets, but don’t generate case. These approaches leave prospective clients assuming all law firms and attorneys are the same. Because they certainly look and sound the same.

Kaleidico takes the time to gain a clear understanding of your firm, it’s attorneys, and your firm’s ethos. That effort is what transforms your online presence and marketing into a unique, authentic, trustworthy brand that stands apart from your competitors and gets you the case.

Get the competitive advantage and expertise that comes from over 15 years of digital marketing and design experience.

Our Digital Marketing Process

Kaleidico’s marketing process begins with our pre-engagement discovery session. When you contact us to schedule a discovery call we begin our research and strategic thinking.

Before we even get on our first call we will do a brief audit of your website, review your current web visitor profile, and assess your current approach to the online marketplace. We will determine the effectiveness of your current website design and technical platform. Then we will analyze your positioning in search engines and any apparent SEO or PPC (Google Ads) strategy.

We will bring this honest assessment to our initial discovery call. Using this research, we’ll have a data-driven discussion about your business objectives and current online visibility and positioning.

From this discussion, we will collaboratively structure a digital marketing plan that typically consists of a 3-part online marketing framework:

  1. Website UX design, performance, and information architecture – ensuring that you have a unique and differentiated website that you own, not a cookie-cutter, proprietary web platform meant to lock you into a sub-optimal solution.
  2. SEO and content marketing – begin the process of moving your law firm into a leadership position for your practice areas and case types in search engines – where 90% of prospective clients start to determine if they have a case
  3. PPC (Google Ads and Facebook Ads) – provide immediate case opportunities, by investing in high intent prospective client searches as we build your SEO platform to lower your overall cost of case acquisition.

Legal Marketing Case Studies

Performance is everything. Take a look at a couple of our case studies. If these look like some of the initiatives you’re thinking about scheduling a discovery call and we’ll talk strategy and tactics to achieve your objectives on the very first call.

We love talking business strategy and how web design and digital marketing can dramatically grow businesses.
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