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Lead Generation for Senior Living

Want to bring more residents into your senior living communities? Fill your waitlists with residents generated as qualified online leads. As a senior living marketing agency, Kaleidico is your turn-key marketing department. Together we’ll transform your website and digital marketing strategies so you can provide services to more qualified seniors and their families.

How digital marketing and lead generation impact senior living businesses

You need qualified resident leads to fill a new development or grow waitlists. And people are increasingly looking for senior care communities and services online.

Are they able to find your organwization though?

Maybe not. Instead, you might have relied on referrals, bought leads, or struggled to collect qualified resident leads through various marketing and sales channels. 

The best source of leads is to generate your own through targeted marketing strategies. This is essential to modern senior living organizations and contributes to rapid growth.

Your digital marketing should be your most powerful and economically efficient source of resident leads.

Digital marketing allows us to meet people where they are and guide them to you, rather than your competitors. Optimizing online searches helps potential residents and their families discover the care they need through you, a trusted provider, which means you ultimately serve more people.

As audiences discover you online, our full digital marketing strategy will also show what sets you apart and educate your audience about what they’ll experience when working with you. When they engage to become an online lead, they’re already warmed up. 

Capturing these audiences generates referrals, makes sales easier, and stocks waitlists for leaner times.

Schedule a free discovery session. See how new digital marketing strategies can fuel your business.

We help you strategically manage senior living marketing

Gain control of the journey seniors and their families take to find the right care, using our simple framework that builds confidence and converts.

Kaleidico works with you to create an optimized senior living website and the right combination of digital marketing channels and strategies to generate qualified leads.

Whether you’re a senior living operator or a senior housing investor or developer creating and expanding new facilities, we’ve had experience working within your space.

Our services have been tested and proven to get results that meet your unique needs and goals.

Kaleidico’s essential senior living marketing services

  • Website design and development to shape a website that includes essentials like lead paths, CTAs, conversion-built landing pages, reviews, geo-fencing PPC campaigns, and the ability to track tangible goals through Google Analytics.
  • Email marketing to build and engage email lists of potential residents helping you to nurture and educate leads to increase their readiness to work with you.
  • Content marketing to provide dynamic senior care content and news, as well as strategic and custom SEO content that generates organic traffic by allowing you to rank in search results.
  • And more including social media marketing, reporting and analytics, sales support, etc.

What makes working with Kaleidico unique

Kaleidico has generated online leads for two decades. We continuously perfect our marketing framework in changing markets and with evolving digital marketing tools.

Over time we’ve created new and innovative senior living marketing programs, advising a range of businesses, from senior living operators to senior housing developers and investors.

Kaleidico’s savvy team combines expert strategists, exceptional web and user experience design, disciplined software development, and data-driven content marketing, SEO, PPC, email marketing, and social media.

For the cost of hiring one Marketing Director, Kaleidico offers an experienced turn-key marketing team that provides all of the services and expertise you need to generate your exclusive leads.

Our combination of proven processes and an experienced senior living marketing team yields consistent results.

With a holistic, human-centered philosophy, we design and test user experiences to rank, increase traffic, and bring in qualified leads that convert to satisfied residents and naturally align with your business.

What can we help you with? Schedule a free discovery session with us now.

Our process as a senior living marketing agency

Start with Discovery

​​It all starts with a simple conversation, which we call Discovery. On this first free session, we’ll get to know each other through a discussion where curiosity is encouraged.

Together we’ll learn about what makes your business unique, your objectives and how to reach them, as well as the ins and outs of your services. 

Ongoing, reliable collaboration

Working with Kaleidico is a true collaboration. Rely on our expertise as a senior living marketing agency, and we’ll support your team in generating leads optimized for your business through our proven marketing framework.

Combining your expertise of your services with our senior living marketing experience, we’ll outline a plan to generate inquiries from resident leads by optimizing your digital marketing. As we test new tactics and techniques, we’ll check in regularly to evolve the plan and ensure you’re getting results.

Evolving digital marketing and content marketing strategies

We build several digital marketing tactics and strategies into your overall plan to make your business more accessible to potential residents and other partners. 

Over the past two decades, we’ve tested, built, and evolved a proven marketing framework that combines web design and development, content marketing and SEO content, PPC ads and local targeting, email marketing, social media, and other strategies to generate consistent and sustainable leads.

These strategies work together to form a robust online presence for your business over time that will continue to fuel your sales team.

Website design and development

As part of our marketing services, we offer website design and development to ensure that your website serves as a solid foundation to optimize results.

We apply our strategic lead generation expertise to your needs as a unique senior living organization to shape the framework of your website.

Once we’ve agreed on the direction for your website, our team builds it, showcasing exceptional web and user experience design, enhanced by disciplined software development and a fast timeline.

We have an efficient and tested process for building websites from the ground up. When your site launches, it’ll get resident leads flowing fast.

Lead capture, engagement, and processing

Optimizing your website also comes with strategic lead capturing forms and clear Calls-to-Action (CTAs) that make it easy for visitors to engage with you. By optimizing your brand, design, and messaging, your new website will move leads through your funnels.

Our strategy in these areas provides a level of detail your competitors likely miss. And it produces unusually high conversion rates.

With your website optimizations and the right sales system, you can focus on nurturing your leads, building your resident waitlist, and hitting your occupancy goals.

We also dig in with your sales team to make sure you get great leads and that those leads are getting exceptional follow-up and follow-through. By supporting your growing customer base, we’ll make sure online leads convert into real connections and actual residents.

Your ongoing partnership

We’re your partner in strategizing where your marketing efforts will get the best results.

With our tested framework as a senior living marketing agency, we know that digital marketing and lead generation strategies need to flow with the evolution of your business.

We’re with you as changes happen in the market, with your potential customer base, and with the ever-growing digital marketing tools available.

Let’s talk about your needs. Schedule a free discovery session to see how we can help.

Get started with our 90-Day Senior Living Marketing Plan

We’ve broken down our 90-day senior living marketing plan to help you optimize digital marketing and fill your resident waitlist, all while focusing on what you do best — providing high-end care to seniors.

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