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Lead Generation for Mortgage Lenders

Looking to close more loans? Fuel your branches and loan officers with customers generated as qualified online leads. As a mortgage marketing agency, Kaleidico works as your turn-key marketing department. Together we’ll transform your website and digital marketing strategies to close more loans.

Why Digital Marketing and Lead Generation Matter for Lenders

Your website should be your most powerful and economically efficient source of mortgage leads. People are looking for lenders online. Let’s help them find you. 

Online lead generation is essential to modern mortgage lenders and contributes to rapid growth. Our proven strategic process transforms traditional branches to consumer-direct lead generation powerhouses.

Digital marketing allows us to meet people where they are and guide them to you, rather than your competitors. Optimizing online searches helps potential customers discover the financing they need through a trusted lender, which means you ultimately close more loans.

As people discover you online, our full digital marketing strategy will also show what sets you apart and educate potential customers about what they’ll experience when working with you. When they engage to become an online lead, they’re already warmed up. Capturing these audiences generates referrals, makes sales easier, and stocks the pond for leaner times.

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What Makes Working with Kaleidico Unique

We’ve generated mortgage leads through booms and busts, since 2005. Our process has been refined and perfected in good and bad markets — from a refi boom, to mortgage meltdown, and back again.

Each time we’ve created new and innovative fintech programs, advising large national consumer-direct lenders, mid-market branch lenders, and small savvy fintech startups.

For the cost of hiring one Marketing Director, Kaleidico offers an experienced turn-key marketing team that provides all of the services and expertise you need to generate exclusive leads.

By understanding the psychology and mindset of your customers in changing markets, we design and test user experiences to optimize online lead generation.

With Kaleidico, digital marketing isn’t just about targeted marketing techniques meant to get in front of your potential customers. More importantly, it’s about helping someone accomplish a major financial goal by finding a lender they feel confident and comfortable with — to get your loan products in the hands of people who will benefit most from what you do.

As a mortgage marketing agency, we’ll discover and communicate your true strengths to engage potential customers who will naturally align with your loan officers and loan products. 

Our Process as a Mortgage Marketing Agency

Get Started with Discovery

It all starts with a simple conversation, which we call Discovery. We’ll get to know each other through discussions where curiosity is encouraged on both sides.

We’ll discuss and decide whether partnering with Kaleidico is what you need. Together we’ll learn about what makes your business unique, your objectives and how to reach them, as well as the ins and outs of your branches and loan products. 

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Consistent Collaboration

When we work with you, it’s a true collaboration. Rely on our expertise as a mortgage marketing agency, and we’ll support your team in generating leads that work best for you.

Combining your knowledge of your products with our mortgage marketing experience, we’ll outline a plan to generate inquiries from mortgage leads by optimizing your digital marketing. As we test new tactics and techniques, we’ll check in regularly to evolve the plan and ensure you’re getting results.

Evolving Digital Marketing Strategies

With Kaleidico, many digital marketing tactics are built into the overall plan to make your business more accessible to potential customers. We’ve created a proven framework that combines web design and development, content marketing and SEO content, PPC ads, email marketing, and other strategies to generate consistent and sustainable leads.

These strategies work together to form a robust online presence for your business over time that will continue to fuel your sales team.

Building Support for Lead Processing

Increased website traffic and leads can generate immediate wins with the right sales system. 

We’ll dig in with your sales team to make sure you get great leads and that those leads are getting exceptional follow-up and follow-through. By supporting your growing customer base, we’ll make sure online leads convert into real connections and closed loans.

An Ongoing Partnership

With our tested framework, we know that digital marketing and lead generation strategies need to flow with the evolution of your business. We’re with you as changes happen in the market, with your potential customer base, and with the ever-growing digital marketing tools available. We’re your partner in strategizing where your marketing efforts will get you the best results.

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Get started with our 90-Day Mortgage Marketing Plan

We’ve broken down our 90-day mortgage marketing plan to help you optimize digital marketing and reach your sales goals, while continuing to focus on what you do best — providing financing to those who need it.

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