Premium Website Hosting, Support, and Maintenance

Whether your website is live or it’s being built, you need ongoing website support and maintenance. This ensures all that you’ve invested in the site is functional so that it can securely produce results for your business.

With Kaleidico’s ongoing website support and maintenance services, we handle the technical details for you.

We not only handle necessary ongoing updates for your convenience, but we also monitor and address immediate issues that arise due to the potential broken feature, downed site, security problem, or needed plugin update. We’re available 24/7, on-call to address critical issues that impact performance or lead generation, keep you informed, and reach a resolution.

Keep reading to learn about our hosting services and see a breakdown of our monthly support and maintenance offerings.

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Website hosting services

When you host your website with us, you get world-class, secure, WordPress-optimized hosting in partnership with WP Engine.

With your domain name and the necessary access and authorization, Kaleidico will set up your WordPress website or migrate your existing WordPress website and handle hosting along with ongoing support and maintenance services.

We offer the following ongoing support and maintenance services

Kaleidico’s ongoing support and maintenance includes all of these services. Dig into the details of what we provide below.

24/7 uptime monitoring and prompt solutions for service degradation

We immediately respond to alerts and notifications of service degradation to troubleshoot, mitigate, and resolve any issues with your website.

If degradation happens, you’re updated in a timely manner until all service has been restored.

This includes support for serious problems occurring with your website, such as critical features being unavailable, broken lead paths, or the site being offline (because of issues not related to the server or data center).

We also provide technical support for issues with website performance. This could include designs showing up incorrectly, integration issues, broken features, etc.


  • Heart-beat monitoring on your server and website
  • Immediate service with on-call team that monitors and acts on down-time alerts
  • You’re always informed of issues and solutions that arise

Technical support services with on-call team

Beyond troubleshooting and fixing issues that are both monitored and detected by our team, we’re also available for any issues or concerns you come across.

This also includes providing assistance for how to use your website, including WordPress help, user login and password management, content and image updates, etc.

Technical support is limited to regular maintenance and monitoring. If your needs extend beyond maintenance and updates, change requests can be submitted. We will scope the project and create a new Statement of Work to meet your needs. For example, this might include integrating new WordPress plugins, modifications and updates to existing features, or adding new functionality to the website.


  • Easily submit support requests whenever needed
  • Access to an account manager for clarifications and urgent needs
  • Emergency requests handled immediately, non-urgent requests will be worked into our development queue for the earliest available and you will be provided with an ETA

Maintenance and updates to themes and associated plugins monthly

We maintain a proactive monthly cycle of updates to your website, including updating plugins and updates to your overall WordPress theme. Prior to updating, we perform a manual site backup.

After a successful update, we manually test the lead forms to ensure no lead-breaking, functionality issues are occurring. We also do a manual quality control check throughout the website to make sure that nothing is visually broken.

Although this doesn’t happen often, if an update leads to issues with how your website looks or performs, we’ll immediately roll back to the pre-update backup and set up a staging environment to detect and solve the conflict without interfering with the live website. 


  • Monthly plugin and theme updates with site backups and quality control
  • Detect and correct performance issues like slow load times that affect page rankings
  • Troubleshoot issues in a staging environment to avoid interference with live website

Consumer privacy and data security best practices support

We use industry standard proactive monitoring practices and security software, while working with hosting partner WPengine to ensure websites are live and secure.

This includes assisting with security issues related to vulnerable or compromised user accounts, code, or content, as well as minimizing spambots and other potential attacks.

If emergency support is needed, security updates are made immediately to necessary plugins and your website’s theme. The need for updates may stem from our own monitoring, plugin developers, or your notification when you come across issues.


  • Ongoing updates to themes and plugins to prevent security vulnerabilities and breaches
  • User data and files protected through updated SSL certificates
  • Emergency requests are handled immediately with on-call team

Google’s site performance standards

Our website support services include monitoring, updating and maintaining Google’s site performance standards.

We can also assist you with ensuring functionality with Google is correctly connected to your website, including the basic configuration and support for Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Search Console.


  • Meeting Google’s standards ensures website functionality while navigating Google’s ever-evolving updates
  • Updated connections with Google allow you to track performance of your site with conversions and more through ads and search results.

Our process for ongoing website support and maintenance

Our support and maintenance services are convenient, simple, and effective for you.

To submit a request or escalate a concern, you can send Kaleidico a support ticket at All submissions are delivered to our entire support team to ensure prompt response. Urgent site down or lead generation forms down issues are handled immediately with our on-call team jumping in after hours and on weekends if necessary. We can restore a back-up copy of the site while we investigate and resolve any issues to ensure minimal disruption.

If you need to make a request for an outage or security issue, we consider this an emergency. Our team is on-call to address your concern and keep you informed of our progress as we troubleshoot a solution.

Contact your account manager directly to escalate any concerns or issues, or whenever necessary to clarify your request.

Other non-urgent requests will be handled in a timely manner. If they are received by 3pm EST they are handled the same day and we notify clients the same day if the issue is fixed or if it will take longer or if the request needs a separate SOW.

Service level expectations – Response & resolution timeframe

Resolution Timing
Initial Response Weekdays
30 min
Initial Response Weekends & Holidays
1 hour
Resolution Timing
Technical Issue
1-2 Business Days
Initial Response Weekdays
2 hours
Initial Response Weekends & Holidays
4 hours
Resolution Timing
Support Assistance
1-3 Business Days
Initial Response Weekdays
4 hours
Initial Response Weekends & Holidays
By 10am EST next business day
Resolution Timing
Change Request
3 business days
Initial Response Weekdays
1 day
Initial Response Weekends & Holidays
By 12pm EST next business day
Resolution Timing
Change Requests Requiring New Development
Discuss with your Account Manager
SOW with proposed approach, timeline and costs will be presented for approval and signature

Support requests fall into one of the below categories:

  • EMERGENCY: Any serious problem with the website
    • Mission critical features or pages are not available
    • Website is not available for a non-server or non-data center reasons (i.e., CMS configuration issue, DNS issue, domain expired, client network error, etc.)
  • TECHNICAL ISSUE: Any problems with the website not performing as it was originally developed
    • A form is broken
    • Page contents do not display as designed
    • Integration errors
  • SUPPORT ASSISTANCE: Any requests for assistance in explaining or using the website or tools
    • “How to” questions
    • Content management system assistance
    • User logins and password management
    • SEO and analytics consultations
  • CHANGE REQUEST: All change requests will be reviewed and a Statement of Work will be created for approval. Change request examples include:
    • WordPress plugins or module installation
    • Updates to integrated third party tools and applications
    • Modifications and minor enhancements to existing functions, forms, and features
    • Content changes not possible with the content management system

Your assigned Account Manager will discuss services that do not fit our Support Team because of the size and nature of the work. The Account Manager will take in the client’s requirements on any requested work, that is not considered in the scope for a support request as defined above, and provide a proposed approach, costs, and timeline in a Statement of Work.


Does Kaleidico have to host my website to provide ongoing support and maintenance?

We recommend it, as Kaleidico provides world-class, secure, WordPress-optimized hosting in partnership with WP Engine.

That said, we don’t require hosting with Kaleidico to receive ongoing support and maintenance services. Our support and maintenance is typically possible with the proper access and authorization and if your website is hosted with WP Engine.

What types of support requests does Kaleidico service?

Included in our ongoing support and services, we can help with requests related to everything from how-to questions to website and security fixes. For example, this could include requests around website availability, performance, or enhancements. It could also include changes to content, lead paths, or plugins.

In some cases, special requests may require an additional hourly fee or Statement of Work to cover work outside of the maintenance and support we provide monthly. We will discuss this with you before moving forward with the work.

What is the hourly fee for additional services?

Kaleidico charges $150 per hour for services outside of the ongoing support and maintenance agreement.

If more extensive work is required, we may consider it a separate project and provide a new Statement of Work to cover all of your needs.

What other types of projects or services would Kaleidico potentially recommend?

This includes ADA Compliance checks, in addition to website design and development, content marketing, Google Ads, social media, and more to support lead generation for businesses.
We’re always happy to help you optimize your website and digital marketing to grow your business. Reach out with any questions or ideas you have:

Website support and maintenance terms

Kaleidico charges a monthly fee for the services outlined above that are included in the support and maintenance services.

This monthly fee covers Kaleidico’s services to troubleshoot and fix something that is broken due to our updating and maintaining your website. This also includes the time it takes to respond to and resolve related issues.

Additional services that require special or complex technical development requests or involve troubleshooting issues that were caused by something outside of Kaleidico’s control will require an additional hourly fee or Statement of Work. These additional costs will be provided for your approval before any additional work begins. Website support and maintenance investment

Kaleidico will provide the following services:

  • Monitor and solve service degradation issues with 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • On-call for urgent technical support services
  • Maintain and update themes and associated plugins monthly
  • Support consumer privacy and data security best practices
  • Maintain Google’s site performance standards

We also offer extended services at an additional cost. Monitoring and meeting ADA Compliance is one example, as described below. We can also host your website for an additional monthly fee. In addition, we have a range of website and digital marketing services available if you’re interested in further investing in your business.

Access and authorization

To provide the support and maintenance needed, the Kaleidico team will need access to the following resources:

  • WordPress
  • Hosting (if we are not hosting)
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager

Errors and omissions

If an issue is caused when we update or make changes to your website for ongoing maintenance purposes, we include the time needed to reach a resolution to that issue in our monthly support and maintenance service fee.

However, if an issue is caused by something outside of our control, we may need additional time to troubleshoot and help you solve the issue. In this case, we’re available and more than happy to ensure your website is working properly. We’ll likely need to spend additional time, so will need to charge an additional hourly fee or propose a separate Statement of Work in these scenarios. In either case, we always communicate openly about such a need before moving forward with the work.

These additional services could include the following:

  • When a third-party tool updates but the tool is no longer supported, it might break on your website and need to be replaced or require another solution
  • If you or another party make changes to your website that require updates or fixes, outside of what we were currently monitoring
  • When WordPress makes general updates to your CMS for security and other functionality, or browsers update standards that impact how your website performs
  • When changes are made to third-party APIs that cause issues with your website requiring additional troubleshooting, updates, and maintenance

Add-on services available for further support

ADA Compliance

Kaleidico advocates for running ongoing ADA Compliance checks to ensure your website is accessible to as many people as possible, that its functionality is optimized for any user, and that it complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

As your website continuously changes and updates, it’s important to run these checks to maintain functionality. Typically we recommend quarterly checks but can adjust this based on your needs.

Our account managers run checks using the Lighthouse ADA Compliance tool to check for website compliance issues. Our goal is to work to AA compliance, the mid-level degree of accessibility, which includes broader and common barriers for people with disabilities. This includes monitoring issues such as the following:

  • Menus and navigation are consistent across the site
  • Color contrast makes it easy to view content
  • Headings or titles are in a logical order
  • Buttons and links are clearly labeled
  • All images have alt text

If design or development time is needed to correct issues detected, we’ll need an additional Statement of Work to be approved to make those updates. 

Additional website needs

As a digital marketing and lead generation agency, Kaleidico offers a wide range of website services. In addition to hosting and support and maintenance, we also offer a range of services to build anything from a simple website with our proven framework, to complex custom websites.

We offer design and development services, in addition to content marketing, email marketing, social media, and digital advertising. Whether you want a website built or need ongoing digital marketing support, we likely have options and strategies that can help you build your business.

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