About Kaleidico

We love designing and developing websites and online experiences. Technically, that makes us a digital marketing agency.

But being from metro-Detroit, we’re not afraid to work hard and hustle alongside you to solve your business challenges.

We’re experts at marketing in the complex and messy world of the Web. We have proven strategies and tactics to grab your prospects’ attention online, drive that attention to your website and convert that traffic into revenue.

What else can we say about ourselves? Oh, yeah…we’re awesome at it!

Enough about us, how we can help you?

Our Team

Bill Rice

Bill Rice - Founder & CEO

Olivia Hernandez

Olivia Hernandez - Account Manager

Samantha Bell

Samantha Bell - Account Manager

Ivy Nemeth

Ivy Nemeth - Operations Manager

Kelley Nowak

Kelley Nowak - Business Development

Angelo Marasa

Angelo Marasa - Senior Developer

Robert Baker

Robert Baker - Web Developer

Carter Rice

Carter Rice - Junior Developer

Corey Rice

Corey Rice - Junior Developer

Content Studio

Freedom Ahn

Freedom Ahn - Writer

Matt Milano

Matt Milano - Writer

Amara Rose

Amara Rose - Writer

Elliot Walsh

Elliot Walsh - Writer

Our Roots

Kaleidico started up in 2005, and what an amazing journey. Like most journeys, it defines us and makes us unique. From our beginnings as a bootstrap software company to our evolution into a digital marketing agency, we’ve remained true to our original mission–make the Web a friendlier and more responsive place for consumers.

We’ve proven that this philosophy is the best way to attract a relevant audience of prospects, generate a ton of sales leads and ultimately produce mountains of revenue on the Web. Fact.

This approach has yielded us exceptional clients and built long-term relationships based on delivering sustained revenue growth. Our clients are the who’s who of great Michigan, national and even a few international brands.

We hope that you become the next one.