Email Marketing for Law Firms

Leads that don't convert immediately are valuable — if you know how to work with them. Strategic email marketing and sales outreach engage prospects over time to increase your pool of potential clients. Kaleidico's expertise in email marketing for law firms offers proven tactics to transform how you communicate with and convert case inquiries.

Why Email Marketing Matters for Law Firms’ Lead Generation

Leads that don’t convert aren’t useless. They’re actually the norm.

As consumers browse for solutions online, they may connect with a handful of law firms to gauge their options, all while learning whether they’re ready to move forward with solving their initial inquiry. Making a final decision takes time.

Law firms that don’t recognize this as a common scenario miss the chance to meet propsects where they are and guide them confidently to a decision.

Although email marketing and ongoing lead outreach can seem like a daunting endeavor, with the right expertise, it becomes a simple and valuable way to refresh your lead supply.

Kaleidico offers proven tactics both for sales outreach and email marketing to help you engage propects on an ongoing basis. Stay top of mind and show up for your leads as the trusted legal solution they’ve been waiting for.

Guide, remind, and educate leads about your business, converting them into qualified leads, and ultimately satisfied clients.

Who could you reach with email marketing? Schedule a strategy and discovery session to find out.

The Email Marketing for Law Firms Toolkit: Sales, Marketing, and Subscribers

Leads often start with research, searching for answers to their questions before they’re ready to engage with a business directly. This is where email marketing and sales cadences further your engagement with leads before they’re ready to get on the phone or after they’ve gone unresponsive.

From sales cadences for initial outreach and ongoing lead nurturing, to email marketing tactics like a welcome series and weekly newsletter, Kaleidico helps you engage clients to guide them to the legal services they need.

Leverage your content and reach more people, even if they become cold or unresponsive during the initial outreach process.

Lead Management Sales Cadences and Email Sequences

We provide custom content for your initial outreach and ongoing lead nurturing needs using a proven library of email message, text message, and even voicemail drop scripts designed to work alongside individual attorneys assigned to leads.

Get these campaigns copy-and-paste-ready so you can simply add them to your lead management system.

Our sales cadences:

  • Are written as if they’re personal messages from the attorney
  • Match your custom client management statuses or workflows
  • Are designed to generate fresh leads from aged or unresponsive leads
  • Are able to be sent from sales and marketing automation software

Outreach Mapping

We create outreach campaigns that you can use to work new leads.

Based on your client management statuses and outreach sequences, Kaleidico maps and writes text messages, email messages and voicemail drop scripts for each status.

Lead Nurture Mapping

It’s common that leads don’t convert within the first 30-60 days. But if you stay top-of-mind, these “dead” leads can become your largest and most profitable source of fresh prospects.

Leveraging our library of proven text message, email message and voicemail scripts, Kaleidico crafts custom lead nurturing campaigns to engage aged leads that were unresponsive or turn-downs and convert them into win-backs.

Custom templates for email marketing and lead nurturing

We also build custom, professional templates within popular CRMs so that you can easily email leads for outreach, as well as promotions and newsletters.

Leverage dynamic content and custom templates to deliver emails that are on-brand. Build trust in your ever-growing list of leads and email subscribers.

Grow your subscriber list and generate leads with lead magnets

Lead magnets are powerful tools for increasing engagement and conversions.

With a highly-valuable downloadable resource for your web visitors, you warm them up before leads are ready to connect with an attorney directly.

Kaleidico writes, designs, publishes, and tracks pdf downloads that attract new email subscribers and even generate new case inquiries.

How Lead Magnets Work

We design a custom landing page and CTAs for your lead magnet, matching your brand standards and seamlessly integrating it as a component of your existing website.

On the landing page, Kaleidico uses email and lead captures to build an email list for lead nurturing. Our proven lead and email subscription funnels capture lead information. These funnels can also be used with social media, SEO, blog posts, Google Ads, and display ad campaigns.

Smoothly onboard your new subscribers with an email welcome series that we build for each lead magnet. From there, a newsletter sends subscribers your latest content on a regular basis to keep you top of mind.

An ongoing newsletter supports and guides your clients through the decision process and gives you content to leverage during the initial onboarding phase.

Additional Marketing Tactics

Beyond our core services that generate leads and our email services for ongoing engagement, we also offer marketing add-on services.

These include the creation of custom well-designed direct mail pieces to target responders and social media engagement to build a presence where your audience is already active.

Connect with us to learn more about what marketing tactics are best for your law firm.

What Makes Working with Kaleidico Unique

By generating leads online for nearly two decades, we’ve become experts at building systems that support the user journey. Of those many systems, email marketing for law firms is essential to reaching many of our clients’ lead generation goals.

Our proven email frameworks start with understanding your audience’s mindset, as well as your positioning. From there we creatively craft and design sales and marketing tactics that engage prospective clients.

Our marketing and sales outreach process is built from a holistic, human-centered philosophy — consumers find what they’re looking for and you gain business from engaged and qualified clients.

When you work with us, email marketing for mortgage strengthens engagement with a larger consumer base, bringing you more leads who naturally align with your legal services.

Our Process

Get Started with Discovery

It all starts with a simple conversation, which we call Discovery. We’ll get to know each other through discussions where curiosity is encouraged.

Together we’ll learn what makes you unique, your objectives and how to reach them, as well as the ins and outs of your business and your audience. 

Consistent Collaboration

When we work with you, it’s a true collaboration. Rely on our expertise as an email marketing and law firm marketing agency, and we’ll support you in generating leads that work best for you. As we test new tactics, we’ll check in regularly to evolve the plan and ensure you’re getting results.

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Get started with our Proven Content Marketing Plan

We’ve broken down our strategic content marketing framework. Optimize your marketing efforts to generate leads and reach more customers with efficient, effective, and sustainable content marketing.

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