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Boost Your Mortgage Content Marketing Strategy for Success

Feeling like you’ve plateaued when it comes to your mortgage content marketing strategy? Or just getting started and looking for new ideas? No matter how confident you are in your approach, there’s always room for growth and fresh inspiration.

As a mortgage lender, you have your hands full. It can be difficult to find new ways to generate leads when you lack the time to dig into your potential. However, generating the right types of content can keep the leads effortlessly flowing as your business grows.

Use our list of hands-on, accessible, shareable mortgage content marketing to give your strategy a boost and provide immediate, lasting value to your customers.

Shareable Guides

No one knows your audience or the industry better than you do. What types of information would your customers find most valuable as they navigate the homebuying or refinance process? 

Put together the following shareable guides to inform and empower your customers to take control of their situation — and find the right expert (you) to help them achieve their goals.

1. Weekly Personal Finance Tips Newsletter

Anyone going through the purchase or refinance process could benefit from personal finance tips. This doubles as a benefit for your customers and you — the more financially prepared your customers are, the smoother the mortgage process will be.

2. Loan Types and Programs One-Page Downloads

Educating your customers about loan types and program options will help them understand the full picture — including all potential options, what loan might be best for them, and whether they’re ready to get one.

3. Simple Documents Checklist for Homebuyers and Refinancing

A simple checklist will take away any mystery for customers about the loan process. It will allow them to see exactly what documentation they need, begin gathering documents immediately, and have a solid place to start from when asking questions.

4. Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist

A maintenance checklist is perfect for future refinancing or those who will eventually sell their home. Customers can stay on top of the types of maintenance that are important for improving and maintaining the value of the home.

First-time homebuyers will be more prepared by understanding other costs involved in owning a home.

Consumer Mini-Courses

Email mini-courses are an opportunity to dive into a certain topic that could use more attention than a single guide can provide.

These lessons often are sent as a series of emails, each digging a little deeper into the topic and referring back to connect with the experts.

5. Improve Your Credit Score Email Mini-Course

Credit score often is the biggest barrier to your customer’s approval. Many could benefit from a mini-course series explaining the importance of credit score, the factors that affect it, how to quickly improve it, how the lender can help, and how the lender considers credit scores.

6. Paying Debt Email Mini-Course

One of the most important factors to improving credit score is paying down debt, so a mini-course on this topic is another excellent teaching point for customers. What are the most effective methods to quickly pay off debt? What are realistic goals, and the most helpful tools? How does this benefit those trying to afford a mortgage?

7. Saving for a Downpayment Email Mini-Course

It’s difficult to save, let alone for something as important as a downpayment on a home. Toss out your best tips in this mini-course, with tried-and-true savings methods and resources for support.


Webinars are a valuable mortgage content marketing tool, used to get your face in front of your customers and build familiarity and trust. They can also produce a greater number of referrals and continual value to customers.

8. First Time Homebuyer Webinar

A first-time homebuyer webinar provides important information on the steps to pre-qualification, pre-approval, application, and more to potential customers. Plus, it will lead them directly to you for additional support. 

Present yourself as warm, personable, and honest as possible to draw in your audience.

9. Refinance Like an Expert Webinar

Refinancing can produce just as many questions for customers as the first-time process, if not more. In this webinar, explain to customers what they can expect and how it is similar and different from the process they experienced when they purchased their home. You also can briefly run through the refinance options and how to work with a lender.

Videos and More

Video is a popular and effective format to share information and bring in other perspectives when mixed with these other tools.

10. Demystifying Mortgage Rates eBook or Video

What are mortgage rates and how are they set? Your customers often will have no idea where these figures come from. Create an eBook or video to give them the scoop and help them score the best rates.

11. Mortgage Market Updates – Email or Video

Many of your customers will be interested in mortgage market news, but may not know how to find the most reliable sources. Be their expert source for the latest news, and share via email or short videos.

12. Explainer Videos on Each Loan Program You Offer

Loan programs can be confusing to customers. Dig into each program with videos to help customers see and understand what you offer and what the differences are. Refer to your handy guides for additional guidance.

13. Video Interviews of other Local Professionals

Team up with local professionals to get fresh perspectives and additional expert advice on topics related to owning a home such as finances, insurance, or local laws.

Consider these types of professionals:

  • Financial planner
  • Insurance agent
  • Accountant
  • Real estate attorney

Introduce other valuable team members to those new to the homebuying process. What do these experts do, and how will they help? Collaborating with other local experts will result in many cross-referrals, as well.

Consider interviewing:

  • Real estate agents
  • Homebuilders
  • General contractors
  • Interior designers
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) experts
  • Landscapers

15. Request Reviews from Customers with Video

Let recent customers know how much you appreciate their business by sending a personal video message via email. Then, encourage them to leave a review so you can help others in the same way. Even show them where your reviews are published in your video so they know exactly what you’re talking about.

16. Send Special Occasion Video or Email Messages

Send out quick video or email messages to past clients for special occasions such as homebuying anniversaries, birthdays, or national holidays to check in and show that you care. This gives a personal touch that can help keep you on someone’s mind when they or their friends and family need help with a mortgage.

Social Media

Social media is a must-have tool to get your services out there — and gain extra leads and referrals from shares.

17. Facebook Room-By-Room Interior Design Idea Posts

Great design gets people excited about owning a home. Team up with local interior design experts to share ideas and generate conversation.

18. Facebook Live Mortgage Market Updates

Take some time daily or weekly to go Live on Facebook and share the latest mortgage market news. Stick with it and you’ll gain a dedicated following that looks forward to updates.

19. Instagram Room-By-Room Interior Design Idea Posts

Instagram attracts those who love a visual feast — and this includes inspiring interior design ideas. Get on this platform to join the design community and get your name out there.

20. LinkedIn Engagement with Referral Contacts

Who are your referral contacts? This community might include those experts you featured in your video interviews, including financial planners, real estate agents and attorneys, landscapers, or homebuilders.

Topic Ideas

In need of some more inspiration? Check out these other topics you might want to dive into.

21. Seasonal Home Maintenance How-Tos

In the format of your choice, share with customers how to stay on top of seasonal home maintenance chores to take care of the investment they made in their home. 

22. Home Improvement Projects that Increase Your Home Value

New homebuyers and refinancers alike would benefit from knowing those home improvement projects that are worth their time and focus first.

23. Interior Design and Decorating Ideas

Perfect for quick videos or emails, interior design and decorating ideas are fast and shareable ways to improve your referrals.

24. Industry News Expert Discussions

Hold open virtual meetings where you answer specific questions, discuss the latest industry news or changes in the market, and describe how this information might affect your customers. Help them make sense of it.

25. Answer Frequently Asked Questions

What questions do you get asked the most? What do you think is most important for customers to know? Answer these burning questions and refer to the link or guide often in the future. This also saves you time from repeatedly answering them when you can instead save the resources you’ve already created.

Boost Your Mortgage Content Marketing Strategy for Success

Kaleidico has been creating web content specifically for lead generation for over 15 years. Tap into our mortgage content marketing expertise today to start gaining high-quality leads from uniquely crafted content.

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