With all the bells and whistles on the modern Internet—pop-ups, flash video images, web banners, social media, text messaging, etc.—sometimes the best way to reach people is through their inbox.

A well-crafted, cost-effective, email can serve as an excellent, no-frills way to get your message across and spur potential customers to action, increasing ROI (return-on-investment) for your advertising dollar.

With email marketing, you directly engage your target audience—whether it’s sent to a broad-based ‘cold’ list or to a tailored customer database. You determine the scope.

Email Marketing and Its Advantages

Email marketing can enrich the business-customer relationship; that encourages repeat business and helps ensure brand loyalty. When done correctly, a focused email marketing campaign can convince customers to take action and get more involved with your company—even purchase something right then and there.

And if email marketing sounds a little less sexy than other forms of B2B or B2C Web-based advertising methods, consider this:

Researchers say U.S. firms—by themselves—spent about $1.5 billion on email marketing campaigns in 2011 and that’s expected to grow to almost $2.5 billion in the next few years.

Email marketing is an incredibly valuable and cost-effective tool in any comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Kaleidico has honed that tool with a considered study of its best practices: everything from providing embedded writers who understand the nature and culture of your company, to the proper length and wording of the content, to how and where to position a CTA (call-to-action)—our expertise in this field can yield great benefits for your business.

Are you keeping in contact with customers through email marketing? Kaleidico can help—contact us and find out how!

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