Content Marketing for Lead Generation

Want your business to reach more people? Strategic content marketing fuels lead generation and converts customer inquiries. As a content marketing agency, Kaleidico is your competitive advantage. Together we’ll transform your online presence to bring you more business.

Why Content Marketing Matters for Lead Generation

We want consumers to find and engage with you, right? But instead, they often fall into a frustrating series of rabbit holes online. 

Reach consumers directly and offer exactly what they’re looking for with Kaleidico’s proven content marketing strategy.

We’ll help you construct a smooth and compelling path to your product or service that works as a powerful lead generation system.

Consistent and compelling content marketing meets your audience where they are. It then guides, reminds, and educates them about your business, helping to convert them into qualified leads, and ultimately satisfied customers.

Not only will consumers have a better experience, but your business will too. Build traffic, capture, nurture, and convert leads through an efficient and sustainable process.

Strategic content marketing fuels lead generation and contributes to rapid growth for your business.

What Makes Working with Kaleidico Unique

By generating leads online for nearly two decades, we’ve become experts at building systems that support the customer journey. Of those many systems, content marketing is essential to reaching many of our clients’ lead generation goals.

Our proven content marketing framework starts with understanding your audience’s mindset, as well as your position in the market. From there we creatively craft and design content campaigns across multiple channels that generate sales leads.

Content marketing isn’t just about targeted marketing techniques meant to get in front of your potential audience. Our content creation process is built from a holistic, human-centered philosophy — consumers find what they’re looking for and you gain business from engaged and qualified leads.

Effective content strategy requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Kaleidico uses this proven framework to reliably gain high-quality traffic from our content and to guarantee lead-generating outcomes:

  1. Initial discovery and ongoing collaboration with you
  2. SEO research and analysis, including competitive research
  3. Traffic generation through SEO blog content, PPC, email marketing, etc.
  4. Website design and development to optimize conversions
  5. Lead capture, engagement, and nurturing

When you work with us, content marketing strengthens engagement with a larger consumer base, bringing you more leads who naturally align with your business.

Our Process

Get Started with Discovery

It all starts with a simple conversation, which we call Discovery. We’ll get to know each other through discussions where curiosity is encouraged on both sides.

Together we’ll learn what makes you unique, your objectives and how to reach them, as well as the ins and outs of your business and your audience. 

Consistent Collaboration

When we work with you, it’s a true collaboration. Rely on our expertise as a content marketing agency and we’ll support you in generating leads that work best for you. As we test new tactics, we’ll check in regularly to evolve the plan and ensure you’re getting results.

SEO Research

We’re experienced in navigating search engine requirements to help users find exactly what they’re looking for online. We start with SEO research to analyze your space, where your audience already is, and what your competitors are doing.

This analysis never stops as we continually test and adjust content aimed at lead conversion.

Traffic Generation

When we launch new content and campaigns, you’ll start to see traffic flow through your website. From regularly updated SEO blog content, to targeted PPC campaigns, and systematic email marketing, consumers begin the well-crafted journey to becoming qualified leads.

Design and Development Website Optimizations

As traffic flows to your website, we want it to effectively turn web visitors into inquiring customers. With our experienced design and development teams, that often results in immediate and incremental design, development, and conversion rate optimizations to get leads flowing fast.

Lead Capture and Engagement

Optimizing your website also comes with strategic lead capturing forms and clear calls to action that make it easy for visitors to engage with you. We optimize your messaging, design, and communication to move leads through your sales process.

Our design and strategy in these areas provides you with a level of detail your competitors likely miss. And it produces unusually high conversion rates.

Lead Nurturing and Remarketing

Getting the lead is not the end of our content strategy. We’ll help you turn leads into sales conversations.

As your leads flow and increase, we’ll help you manage the ongoing relationship and communications so that lead generation never stops. Within your CRM we’ll teach you how to craft workflows that market to your various audiences, including past clients and unresponsive leads.

Get started with our Proven Content Marketing Plan

We’ve broken down our strategic content marketing framework. Optimize your marketing efforts to generate leads and reach more customers with efficient, effective, and sustainable content marketing.

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