Making sales easier

When I started, over five years ago, my intent was not to help people close more sales. Rather, my goal was to help make better sales people—better closers.

You see, closing more sales is not a terribly hard problem to solve. You can prospect more, call more, contact more. Simply increasing your volume of sales activity will increase anyone’s sales. The math works. More opportunities in, combined with more activity, will invariably kick out more sales.

However, if you walk around your sales floor and observe your top sales people you will probably notice a couple of things. They tend to…

  • Be more relaxed,
  • Smile frequently, and
  • Move at a steady cadence

This is the difference between more sales and a better closer. A better closer is consistently hitting the number and steadily build a business. Someone scrapping for more sales is simply trying to survive the month.

Here’s a peek into my formula for becoming a better closer:

  • Start your day in control and calmly. I suggest some quite time—time spent in prayer, meditation, exercise, or reading.
  • Add to your shared experiences (database). Prospects naturally gravitate and buy from people like them, people they like. The fastest way to do that is to do interesting things, read daily, and travel regularly.
  • Write daily. Nothing hones your sales skills like writing. It forces you to draft and practice very simple and clear communication. Write sales letters. Use them as call scripts or even try posting them on a blog or mailing them to prospects. You will be amazed.
  • Prospect daily. Prospecting consistently will take much of the roller coaster ride out of your sales pipeline. You should have a disciplined process of prospecting for sales. Know how to find them and get them initiated into your sales pipeline.
  • Make referrals fundamental. Again, this will smooth out the constant feast or famine in your sales pipeline. Asking for referrals doesn’t need to be pushy or needy. Simply asking, being approachable, and making it easy it usually all it takes to get a steady stream of referrals.
  • Talk to people. Every conversation doesn’t need to be about sales. However, every good conversation increases your chance of future sales.
  • Speak with respect, confidence, and optimism. No one likes negativity. Certainly, don’t bring it to your sales process.

What do you do to become a better closer?


About Bill Rice
Bill Rice is the Founder & CEO of Kaleidico. Bill is an expert in designing online lead generation strategies and programs. Kaleidico blends web design, development, SEO, PPC, content marketing, and email marketing to generate leads for mortgage lenders, law firms, fintech, and other businesses looking to grow a consumer-direct online strategy.

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