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100_3120Doyle Slayton, from Sales Blogcast, is my kinda sales guy!

One of my most popular posts on Better Closer is 5 Tips for Sales Improvement This Week. It message is similar to Doyle’s, but I bet it is popular because of the luring title. One that might intimate a short-cut, not the tough love I dished out.

Nothing hurts a sales guy more than avoiding the hard stuff. Doyle talks about things like:

  • cold calling
  • emailing
  • following up
  • building rapport
  • assessing needs
  • overcoming objections

Not much fluff here.

He doesn’t mention silver bullets, magic money-making systems, or four hour work weeks. He is focused on doing the work and reaping the rewards. It always works that way. Why avoid the work and miss the pay-off?

How do you plan to do the hard sales work in 2010? What are the cornerstones of your plan?

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