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Sure, you can buy leads online, but how good are those leads? 

In one study, 40% of generated leads were invalid, duplicated, or incomplete.

Also, how exclusive are these leads? When your salespeople call, are they the first to reach that person, or has your potential lead already been contacted?

Instead, consider hiring a lead generation company that will attract and generate your own exclusive leads, based on your input and target audience.

In this article, we’ll help marketing directors find better solutions for generating more monthly leads for their company. 

We include sites that offer qualified leads, as well as tips on how to hire the right lead generation agency that will exceed your greatest expectations.

What do lead generation companies do?

The top lead generation companies generate high quality leads online to help businesses fuel their sales pipeline. 

When it comes to lead generation companies, there are essentially three types.

Lead generation agencies

These are marketing agencies that create customized lead generation websites for their clients, and attract traffic to the website by writing blogs, using content marketing strategies, PPC ads, and building landing pages to generate leads.

Online lead generators aggregator sites

These are sites like NerdWallet and LendingTree that generate their own mortgage leads and sell them to multiple solicitors online. They don’t build custom websites for clients, and only sell the leads they’ve generated themselves.

Data harvesters

There are other lead generation services and sites that have scraped, collected, and harvested tons of online profiles, data, and information to sell personal info for hundreds of millions of people.

Some of these sites work quite well, while others have questionable data, so buyer beware!

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Is hiring a lead generation company worth the cost?

Hiring a lead generation agency will save you time and can supply your company with highly-qualified leads month after month.

In addition to generating leads, a lead generation agency such as Kaleidico will also build your company’s website, write your blogs, create PPC ads, run email marketing campaigns, and more.

For the cost of hiring an agency, you’re also gaining access to a dedicated management team that can handle all aspects of your digital marketing strategy, such as:

  • Promoting your business online
  • Branding and logos
  • Writing high-quality blogs, and producing other forms of content
  • Publishing blogs, and maintaining and updating website
  • Reporting on analytics from the client’s website
  • Offering suggestions on how to improve conversion rates
  • Improving search engine optimization (SEO) and visibility in online searches
  • Establishing authority online
  • Creating monthly qualified leads
  • Building out revenue pipelines

Which methods do the best lead generation companies use?

Every lead generation strategy begins with an optimized lead generation website

From there, marketers should begin producing free, valuable content to be uploaded on the website, such as blogs, videos, infographics, and more. 

Additionally, this content can be shared online through social media, and across other channels to cast a wider net and attract more people to their client’s lead generation website.

Once on the website, the visitors will be encouraged to fill out their contact info either on a traditional contact form, or more sophisticated “lead paths” or “progressive” style forms.

In addition to contact forms, exclusive content upgrades, or “lead magnets” such as free eBooks can also encourage readers to submit their email addresses to access this higher-tier of content on your website.

Lead generation agencies also use a combination of PPC ads, SEO tactics, and email marketing to drive more traffic to their client’s websites.

How do you choose a lead generation company?

The best lead generation companies know they must stand out above their competition. 

This is why the most competent companies will provide case studies, testimonials, and long-form strategy guides on their websites for prospective clients to look through.

This information is a great starting point, but you’ll need to talk to the company directly. Schedule some form of interview or a “Discovery Session.”

During your Discovery session, ask these questions to determine if the lead generation agency is right for you:

  • How many years have you been generating leads online?
  • What industries do you have experience working in?
  • What are your qualifications?
  • What are your success stories?
  • Who are your former clients?
  • How many monthly leads can you expect to bring us?
  • Who will we be working with? Who will be the main point of contact, or our account manager?
  • What is your lead generation process? 
  • What experience do you have with PPC campaigns?

The best lead generation services available online

As we mentioned before, lead generation companies are either an aggregator, meaning they collect people’s contact info and sell it, or are marketing agencies that build out high-performing lead generation websites.

To fuel your company’s pipeline, you may opt for both options — generating your own exclusive leads and buying leads from lead aggregators or data harvesters.

In this list, we’ll include marketing agencies that can build custom lead generation websites, as well as lead aggregators that collect and sell contact info.


Landing page for Kaleidico's lead generation website.

Kaleidico is a full-service marketing agency and lead generation company for mortgage brokers, lawyers, healthcare providers, and financial tech companies.

We have over 15 years of experience of lead generation and have recently expanded our content studio to produce high-quality blogs that generate serious traffic and leads for our clients. 


Landing page for Cleverly's lead generation website.

Cleverly is a lead generation website used for finding real estate leads, using LinkedIn as the primary source of collecting leads.

Cleverly offers LinkedIn lead generation services, LinkedIn paid ad generation, and white-label lead generation.

However, Cleverly does not produce websites or content, but simply sends thousands of messages across LinkedIn using specific lists and criteria to find the right audience.


Landing page for Cognism's lead generation website.

Cognism labels itself as a leader in “internal sales intelligence” and a B2B lead generation solution with its revolutionary lead generation platform.

With over 5.6 billion data points, 400 million business profiles, and 10 million companies on file, Cognism gives marketers and salespeople access to millions of potential leads, and offers a platform that tracks sales, marketing, and outreach metrics. 

However, Cognism does not offer content marketing, website building, or any other features that full-service marketing agencies offer. With Cognism, all you get are leads.


leadPops is a lead generation site for the mortgage, real estate, and insurance industries.

leadPops is a lead generation site for the mortgage, real estate, and insurance industries.

They offer several plans, which include setting up a Conversion Pro Website, conversion funnels, local SEO, integrations, and more.

Unlike Cleverly and Cognism, which only sell leads, leadPops helps attract and generate qualified exclusive leads for their clients.

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Work with one of the best lead generation companies — Kaleidico 

Kaleidico is a lead generation company excelling at producing qualified leads for the real estate industry, lawyers and law firms, and financial technology companies.

We’ll not only generate leads for your company, but we’ll create a proven digital marketing ecosystem that will improve your company’s visibility in Google searches, create high-quality blog content, build a world-class website, and extend your digital reach.

Ready to start generating more leads from your own custom website? Reach out to schedule a Discovery Session with us and learn more about your qualifications.

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