White Label Content Marketing

Content marketing is a game changer for growing business with your clients. But how do you offer it effectively without complicating your core services? Work with Kaleidico’s proven white label content marketing system. We partner with you behind the scenes to get results for your clients and your team.

Why Content Marketing Matters for Your Clients

We’ve all heard it before, “content is king.” But with literally millions of businesses publishing content online, your clients need strategic content marketing to make an impact. 

What is the ultimate goal of producing content for marketing purposes, anyway? To attract the right people who need what you’re selling — to generate leads. Simply writing and publishing content won’t cut it.

Businesses are expected to be digital first, but online user experiences like websites, blogs, email marketing, and social media are rarely designed to generate leads. There’s a better way.

Consistent and compelling content marketing meets audiences where they are. It then guides, reminds, and educates them about a business, helping to convert them into qualified leads, and ultimately satisfied customers.

A strategic and sustainable content marketing framework will fuel the clients who come to you looking for more business.

Offering effective, high-quality content marketing comes with challenges but it also creates enormous value. Strategic content marketing supports lead generation and contributes to rapid growth for your clients.

Why White Label Content Marketing with Kaleidico

Over nearly two decades, Kaledico has tested systems that support the customer journey and generate leads.

Our proven content marketing system is available as a white label service to businesses like yours. Offer robust content marketing to your clients without spending excessive time, money, effort, or other resources getting results.

By relying on white labeling within our tested and proven system, you continue devoting energy to your core offerings, while also providing your clients with the full benefits of content that converts.

How it works

White labeling involves outsourcing content marketing to our agency. We then work to you and your clients’ goals to provide a system that will fuel their business and yours.

We incorporate the latest SEO strategy and tools to produce content that gets your clients to the top of search results and in front of qualified leads. We produce high quality content, including:

  • Blog posts and news
  • Email marketing
  • Video scripts
  • Website copy
  • Social media marketing

Within our dedicated Content Studio, we oversee detailed timelines, edit effective content, recruit and manage expert writers, and produce efficient, high-quality marketing materials that then get handed to you to share with your clients.

Our Process with You


It all starts with a simple conversation where curiosity is encouraged from all sides. We call this Discovery. We’ll connect to understand your goals and the goals you want to reach for your clients.

Strategy and Planning

Effective strategy starts with understanding the audience’s mindset, as well as your clients position in the market. We’ll collaborate to bring together this analysis, along with business objectives and proven tactics to outline a detailed content marketing plan, often for the quarter ahead.

Open Communication

When offering effective content marketing, the goal is to meet client needs. That’s why clear and open communication between ourselves and your agency is an essential step in our process. We have regular check-ins with you to ensure that what we deliver is meeting your client’s goals.

SEO Analysis

Our team will dig into a deep analysis of your client’s market, competitors, and opportunities for positioning on page one of search engine results with high-intent keywords. Ongoing analysis and adjustments will allow us to optimize and grow clients’ competitive positions online through the most effective channels.

Content Creation

Based on the content marketing plan we’ve built together, our expert content creators will develop audience-building and sales-enhancing content. We’ll share content with you for you and your clients’ review before publishing to ensure all content deliberately meets the goals discussed.


With a consistent and proven set of KPIs, we’ll measure and guide our performance for ongoing growth and success. We’ll share with you the successes and adjustments being made within the content marketing system so that you can celebrate the wins with your clients, as well as show the strategic work that leads to these wins.

What’s Behind Our Content Marketing System

An Expert Team

Our white label content marketing system is backed by a highly-trained team. Many of our writers not only have backgrounds in journalism but also write for specific industries. We offer diverse perspectives from professionals with years of experience.

We dedicate our time to strategizing the best approaches for each of our clients. We also teach our writers about who they’re writing for, so you get brand specific content with a strong individual voice.

Content Fueled by SEO

Our team incorporates the latest SEO techniques, guiding the strategy behind SEO content marketing with the most competitive tools. This includes Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and SEMRush to research keywords, traffic, and search result rankings to find what consumers are looking for in each clients’ field. Content is then born from these strategic insights.

Complex Timeline Management

As straightforward as keeping a schedule sounds, once your content and teams grow, timelines can quickly get out of hand. It’s necessary to keep up with the latest organizational tools to manage large-scale content production. Our team uses tools like ClickUp, Slack, and Google Drive to make sure no details or deadlines are missed and that content is strategically produced to meet your clients’ needs.

Get Our Guide to Scale Business with White Label Content Marketing

If you want to grow business and your marketing services, this guide will show you how to scale both with white label content marketing. It starts with content that converts and requires a tested framework to function effectively.

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