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The Benefits of Content Marketing for Your Clients
What is White Labeling?
White label content can include:
How Does White Labeling Content Marketing Benefit Agencies?
How a Reliable Process Leads to Quality Content (and Profit!)
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Helping your clients with effective, high-quality content marketing can be challenging but it can also create enormous value. 

Sometimes you don’t have the time to give marketing your full attention. Much like clients who are looking to you for help.

Luckily, there are businesses like Kaleidico that offer white label content marketing services. By relying on white labeling within a proven system, you can continue devoting your energy to your core tasks, while also providing your clients with the full benefits of a robust content marketing strategy. 

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The Benefits of Content Marketing for Your Clients

Before we get into the benefits of white label content, let’s start with understanding why content marketing is so important.

Businesses that publish 16 blog posts or more per month get 3.5 times more traffic on their websites than companies that publish fewer posts.

Content marketing allows you to provide answers to potential customers, have an authoritative voice in the industry, and engage audiences. 

Generate leads by including Calls-to-Action and leading audiences through the sales funnel, blog articles, emails, videos, downloadables, etc.

Easy Lead Generation

Content marketing is an easy lead generation opportunity. Content guides the reader to other landing pages. It encourages them to reach out and begin the process of becoming qualified leads. 

Grow the Audience

Content that is relevant to a client’s product or service will attract an interested audience to their website. That’s your chance to position the client as a leader in their industry and demonstrate their expertise. 

With an authoritative industry voice, customers will know they can trust your product or service. 

Another Opportunity to Sell

CTAs in content encourage customers to learn about a product or service. Additionally, they’ll position your client’s business as the solution to their problem.

For example, a blog topic could be about a common problem for your client’s consumers. 

If your client is a mortgage lender, publish a blog about common mistakes during the home buying process. This is a perfect opportunity to include services and company information so the reader knows exactly who to talk to.

Additionally, this content will rank in search engine results for particular keywords. It will put your client’s name in front of people in need of that product or service. They’re already looking for answers and this content will offer them a solution.  

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What is White Labeling?

If you’re already juggling many marketing efforts for your clients, how do you consistently crank out high-quality pieces of content?

Enter white label content, or “white labeling,” which is essentially outsourcing this content to an outside agency. Content is then ghostwritten and tailored to you and your client’s requests. Once written, you can share it with your clients under your name and brand.

White label content can include:

  • Blog content
  • Social media marketing
  • Direct mail copy
  • Web copy
  • Email marketing
  • Video scripts

How Does White Labeling Content Marketing Benefit Agencies?

You’ve seen why you need a sustainable content marketing plan—emphasis on sustainable.

An outside digital marketing agency can offer that. Let’s get into all of the value that white label content marketing can bring you. 

Frees Up Your Time

Outsourcing marketing allows you and your team to focus on what you do best while benefiting from the content. 

The average blog post takes three hours to write. Not to mention the strategizing that takes place before anything is even written. 

When you’re already short on time and have other tasks, the content won’t get the attention it needs to convert. 

Rather than finding time in your schedule, simply hire a white-label content marketing agency that devotes itself to quality. 

Hiring an agency like Kaleidico will ensure that you get consistent content that will convert, without spending excess time, money, or effort. 

Get Ahead of Competitors 

Unique and original content will put you ahead of competitors with big marketing budgets. 

The goal is to get audiences to associate your client’s brand with great content. The next time they have a question, they’ll know to trust your client rather than a competitor. 

White-label content marketing agencies know how to incorporate SEO strategy into everything they produce. They’ll get your client’s content, and brand, to the top of the search results and in front of qualified leads. 

They understand what your client’s competitors are doing and how to craft content to put you ahead. And they’ll do it with the most up-to-date strategies, tools, and technology. 

White Labeling is Cost Effective

The average yearly salary of an in-house content producer is $43,000, before benefits. An in-house SEO analyst will run you around $46,000 a year before benefits. 

Your new team would have to generate more than $89,000 a year just to break even on your investment. 

That number comes before adding in the cost of updated tools and software. A white label agency would pay for tools itself. 

A white label content marketing agency will cost your company much less than this. 

Content engagement through a white label company is typically $5,000-$6,500 a month, or $60,000-$78,000 a year. 

For that price you’re getting a:

  • content strategist
  • SEO analyst
  • content producer
  • professional marketers and writers, familiar with your client’s industry 

For less than the price of two full-time employees, you’re getting a whole content marketing team. Clearly the better deal. 

How a Reliable Process Leads to Quality Content (and Profit!)

You might be thinking: “Why would we outsource our content marketing when we can just do it ourselves?” There are a few reasons actually. 

One — it’s a lot of work! At Kaleidico, we’ve built a dedicated Content Studio. We work to recruit writers with specific industry knowledge who can deliver a beautiful piece of content. You’d be surprised how hard it can be to find professional copywriters who can produce consistently high-quality content. 

Once recruited, they’re briefed on each client’s background and goals, and the content they’re expected to deliver. Training takes time. Training for conversion and quality takes even more time. This is all before we even get to managing timelines and coordination. 

Consistency requires you to hold yourself accountable and manage a detailed timeline. If you need a lot of content, coordinating assignments and keeping track of them could be a whole position itself. 

As they say, anything that’s hard is probably worth doing. If you really do try to manage your own content — it’s not impossible! It just takes a lot of effort and resources. But we’ve tested and created a proven and sustainable process so that you don’t have to. 

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What Goes into a Successful Process 

At Kaleidico, we’ve gone through trials and tribulations, and have found out what works and what doesn’t. The following is a list of the main points of our process that are crucial to its success: 


This will take your agency some time. A benefit of white label content marketing is that an agency comes to the table with a highly trained team, and you won’t have to take away your attention from your other tasks to train your own team.


Since the Kaleidico Content Studio is dedicated solely to producing top-notch content, we have the time to continuously coach writers to be better. This includes consistent briefs about the client’s needs and continued education on writing for SEO.


For a content marketing agency, the goal is to meet client needs. That’s why clear and open communication between ourselves and your agency is an essential step in our process. We have regular check-ins with you to ensure that what we deliver is meeting your client’s goals.

Built-In SEO

Our content studio team also guides the strategy behind SEO content marketing. We use tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and SEMRush to research keywords, traffic, and search result rankings to find what consumers are looking for in each client’s field. Blog topics are then born from these strategic insights.

Complex Timelines

As straightforward as keeping a schedule sounds, once your content and teams grow, timelines can quickly get out of hand. It’s necessary to keep up with the latest organizational tools to manage large-scale content production. Our team uses tools like ClickUp, Slack, and Google Drive to make sure no details or deadlines are missed.

What sets Kaleidico apart from the average content farm

Many content creators or agencies just buy up freelance content. But these writers aren’t experts in your field, trained in SEO writing, or aware of clients’ goals. 

Many of our writers not only have backgrounds in journalism but also specialize in writing for specific industries. We’re offering diverse perspectives from professionals with years of previous experience in other industries.

That’s why Kaleidico understands your business and your customers. 

We dedicate our time to strategizing the best approaches for each of our clients. We also teach our writers about who they’re writing for. You’re getting brand-specific content with a strong individual voice. 

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Schedule a time that works for you. We’ll discuss your business objectives and share how we’ve helped clients, in similar businesses, build more effective brands.

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About Julia Wells
Julia is a 2018 graduate of the University of Michigan-Dearborn. She is now a Content Strategist for Kaleidico, producing and writing content focusing on the mortgage sector. She also has experience writing about marketing, construction, and homeownership. When she's not working, she enjoys reading, gardening, and playing with her cat.

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