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Creating the web design around your ideal buyer persona

The process of attracting more leads involves more than one strategy. For instance, good marketing copy or a strong call to action are not enough to get email subscribers. Web design is also important.

If you’re doing everything right and you still aren’t seeing any lead generation, then your website’s design might be what needs to be changed. In this article, we will show you what you need to keep in mind when designing a website that generates leads.

Creating the web design around your ideal buyer persona

A design that generates leads revolves around your buyer persona. You probably have more than one for your business, but try to keep the most important one in mind. The one that is a safe bet. Of course, you wouldn’t want to totally forget about your secondary buyer personas, but you want to keep your focus on just one.

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After you’re well aware of the profile of your buyer persona, it’s time to figure out what their problems are. By knowing all of this, you will be able to show them that you can help them solve whatever problem they have and you will also design the website so that it’s useful to them.

Now, you have to analyze the buying process of your ideal buyer persona. It needs to be extremely simple and easy to understand for them, so that they get the most value out of it. Once you get the hang of it, think about what you can do to make it perfect.

Web design that creates lead generation

  • Create offers – Everyone likes a good offer, especially when we’re talking about eBooks, guides, slide shares or how-to videos. The offers have to be valuable to the lead who will download the material. They also need to have a clear and concise message. Last but not least, it has to respond to a problem the lead has and wants to solve.
  • CTAs – The graphic and the placement of a CTA are extremely important. They have to be visible, so that a person that will visit your website will clearly see any offer you might have. Also, not showing a call to action button to a lead that has already downloaded one of your guides will make them have a better experience.
  • The layout – Every message that you create for your website should be simple and easy to understand. You need to place CTAs on every page of your website. Social proof and testimonials are important for a visitor, so make sure that they are visible. Use images or fun graphics on your pages. No one wants to read novels on your website.
  • Landing pages – It’s good to create a landing page for your visitors if you want them to complete a form with their details. Here are some pointers for its design: Keep it simple, top navigation is not really necessary, use bullet points and use visual content. We’ll soon publish an article on how to create a landing page that converts, so stay tuned for that one.

Your website’s design should generate leads. Make it happen

People judge other people by the way they’re dressed and your visitors will judge your business based on how your website looks.

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