Chris Brogan & Bill Rice @ BlogWorldYou learn the best lessons from the simplest experiences. Here’s mine…

Last night I crashed about 11:00 p.m., never even cracking my MacBook to take my typical final pulse for the evening.

I was exhausted. My work is a bit chaotic (my business is in a full scale client-led strategic shift because of our new Eavesdropper product), every night is spent walking door-to-door (I’m running for School Board in Flat Rock, MI), and I played a late-night volleyball game in my church league.

I even missed tucking in my little angels last

My life is busy these days. The last thing I think about is blogging.

Then in swaggers Chris Brogan (@ChrisBrogan), with a lesson.

A lesson in motivation.

You see Chris, who is about 200% busier than I am, took the time to kick me in the pants last night. To give me a lesson in motivation. It was a simple Tweet:

Picture 22.png

However, that simple tweet did several powerful things a good leader/mentor can regularly do to motivate their team:

  • He said, “I know what your capable of”
  • “I miss that performance level from you,”
  • “I am going to put the responsibility on you to fix it” (note his use of humor), and
  • “I am going to raise the bar/expectations” (that Tweet doubled my daily traffic and quadrupled my RSS subscribers)

So, welcome everyone! Go motivate someone today.

And very sincerely, thank you Chris Brogan for all that you do.

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