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Senior living marketing is a huge deal, especially now. Think about it—there are more seniors living now than ever before in history and loads of living options for them to choose from.

If you’re a sales director at a senior living facility, standing out in this crowded field is incredibly important.

Senior living marketing isn’t just about getting your name out there—it’s about really connecting with the folks who are looking for a place for themselves or their loved ones.

You’ve got to show your target audience why your place is special and different from all the rest. This is where smart senior living marketing comes into play.

It’s not just ads and fancy brochures, it’s about truly understanding what seniors and their families want and showing them you’ve got exactly that.

It’s the difference between a “just looking” and a “where do I sign?” In this article, you’ll discover over 50+ innovative marketing ideas for senior living and a resource section with links for immediate action. Perfect for directors and teams eager to boost occupancy rates.

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The importance of senior living marketing

Did you know that by 2030, all baby boomers will be older than 65? The imminent “silver tsunami” or “gray wave” are terms coined to describe the wave of baby boomers reaching retirement age, which is reshaping the landscape of senior living.

This industry shift makes effective marketing in the senior living industry more crucial than ever.

That new statistic means that one in every five residents in the U.S. will soon be of retirement age. That’s a huge market!

But here’s the kicker: a study found that nearly 90% of seniors want to stay in their own homes as they age. This presents a unique challenge for senior living facilities.

Let’s take the case of “Willow Creek Community,” a fictional senior living facility for this scenario. Despite having top-notch amenities, their occupancy rates were stagnating.

They soon realized their marketing approach was outdated, missing the mark with their target audience. After revamping their strategy, focusing on the lifestyle and community aspects, they saw a 25% increase in inquiries within just six months.

These figures may be fictional but underline a realistic message: Senior living marketing is not just important—it’s essential. It’s the bridge between your facility and the seniors who are looking for a new place to call home.

Done right, it can significantly boost your visibility and occupancy rates in this competitive market.

Get Your Copy of Our 90-Day Senior Living Marketing Plan Ebook

Boost your visibility and occupancy rates with our 90-Day Senior Living Marketing Plan.
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Our comprehensive list of senior living marketing ideas

Dive into our list of 50+ senior living marketing ideas that blend various elements to help you up your game, including:

  • Online digital marketing
  • Classic traditional approaches
  • Community-driven initiatives
  • Personal touchpoints
  • Cutting-edge innovations

Senior living digital marketing strategies

Explore the digital frontier of senior living marketing, from senior living SEO, and content marketing, to social media, where visibility meets precision in targeting the right audience online.

1. SEO optimization for senior living websites: Optimize your site with relevant keywords like “comfortable senior living” to boost search engine visibility.

2. Engaging social media campaigns: Launch Facebook and Instagram campaigns showcasing resident testimonials and vibrant community life.

3. Google Ads and PPC for targeted reach: Use Google Ads to target local families searching for “senior living options nearby.

4. Email newsletters with valuable content: Distribute monthly newsletters highlighting activities, menus, and resident spotlights.

5. Content marketing (creating informative and engaging blogs on senior living topics): Blog about topics like “choosing the right senior community” to engage potential clients.

6. Utilizing LinkedIn for professional networking and outreach: Network on LinkedIn, sharing insights on senior living trends and facility updates.

7. Implementing remarketing strategies to re-engage visitors: Employ remarketing ads to recapture the interest of website visitors who left without contacting. When visitors leave your website, they’ll see your ads on other websites later directing them back to your website.

8. Hosting virtual events or Q&A sessions on social media: Organize Facebook Live sessions answering common senior living questions.

9. Leveraging user-generated content for authenticity: Encourage residents to share their stories online, adding relatable faces to your brand.

10. Virtual tours and video content: Feature virtual reality tours of your facility, making site visits convenient for distant families. Add these tours to your website or upload as a video tour to YouTube.

Grow Your Business With Our Proven Content Marketing Plan

Discover the power of content marketing with our proven content marketing plan.

Traditional senior living marketing techniques

Rediscover the enduring power of traditional marketing, where print, direct mail, and broadcast media continue to build solid brand presence. They allow your community to connect with audiences, especially older audiences, who don’t use social media.

11. Community events and open houses: Host monthly open houses with themed events, like “Summer Jazz Brunch” or “Senior Halloween Party” to attract locals.

12. Brochures and direct mail campaigns: Send out brochures and flyers with engaging resident stories and key amenities via targeted mail campaigns. Older audiences may respond better to physical mail than email.

13. Local newspaper advertisements: Place ads in local newspapers to highlight upcoming events and community successes.

14. Radio spots or local TV commercials: Create memorable radio jingles or TV spots featuring resident experiences and facility tours, “At Sunset Haven, life’s a beautiful rose!”

15. Networking with healthcare professionals: Forge relationships with doctors and therapists, offering informational brochures for their waiting rooms.

16. Billboard advertisements in strategic locations: Invest in billboards near hospitals or highways, with messages like “Your Forever Home Awaits. Age in Place at Sunset Haven.”

17. Participating in local senior expos or fairs: Showcase your community’s spirit and amenities at senior expos with interactive booths.

18. Bus or public transport advertisements: Advertise on buses or trains, illustrating the ease of visiting your nearby facility.

19. Customized promotional items like calendars or pens: Distribute calendars or pens during events, embedding your facility’s contact information and images.

20. Cross-promotions with local pharmacies or clinics: Partner with local pharmacies to offer wellness programs, promoting your commitment to resident health.

Relationship building in your community tips

Learn how to forge lasting bonds through community-building strategies that transform prospects into loyal community members and advocates for your brand.

21. Partnering with local businesses: Partner with nearby cafes or bookstores to create a “Senior’s Corner” promoting social engagement or “Senior Fridays at Panera Bread.”

22. Sponsorship of community events: Sponsor local sports teams or theater productions to increase visibility among families.

23. Referral programs with incentives: Offer gift cards or discounts to residents who refer friends to your community.

24. Hosting educational seminars or webinars: Host talks on senior health and finance to position your community as a thought leader, such as the “Fall Prevention Month Webinar.”

25. Building connections with religious organizations: Collaborate with churches or temples to host joint events, bridging community and care.

26. Collaborating with local senior centers: Work with senior centers to organize joint activities, fostering a sense of extended community.

27. Engaging in volunteer work or charity events: Support local charities with events, showcasing your commitment to the broader community.

28. Establishing a resident referral ambassador program: Create a program where residents who refer others become social ambassadors, rewarding their efforts.

29. Conducting regular satisfaction surveys and acting on feedback: Regularly survey residents and families, using feedback to improve your services and environment.

30. Setting up a booth at local farmers’ markets: Set up a stand at local markets to engage with the community, offer treats, and share information.

Personalized senior living marketing tips

Uncover the secrets to adding a human touch to your marketing efforts, personalizing interactions that resonate with prospects and their families on a deeper level.

31. Testimonials and success stories: Showcase video testimonials on your senior living website, highlighting resident satisfaction and success stories.

32. Personalized follow-up with prospects: Send tailored follow-up emails to prospects, referencing specific points from their visit or inquiry.

33. Resident ambassador programs: Launch a resident ambassador program, encouraging current residents to share positive experiences.

34. Storytelling through marketing materials: Use resident stories in brochures, emphasizing personalized care and community life.

35. Customized welcome packages: Offer customized welcome packages to new residents, reflecting their interests and needs.

36. Leveraging CRM for targeted communication: Utilize CRM tools to send targeted communications, ensuring relevance to each prospect.

37. Birthday and holiday cards to prospects and residents: Mail out handwritten birthday and holiday cards to maintain personal connections.

38. User-friendly website with live chat support: Implement a user-friendly senior living website with live chat, providing immediate assistance and building rapport.

39. Personalized virtual consultations: Offer personalized virtual consultations, addressing individual concerns and preferences.

40. Creating resident profiles or success stories on social media: Regularly feature resident profiles on social media, celebrating their stories and your community’s role in them.

Innovative and creative tactics for senior living success

Step into the realm of the new and untested, where innovative apps and emerging technologies offer fresh, creative avenues to capture interest and engage with potential residents.

41. Interactive website with AI chatbots: Use chatbots to guide site visitors through FAQs and services, enhancing user experience and engagement.

42. Influencer partnerships: Collaborate with popular senior lifestyle influencers to share your community’s stories and reach a broader audience.

43. Guerrilla marketing campaigns: Create eye-catching, unconventional marketing stunts in public spaces to generate buzz and get people talking, such as pop-up installations in high-traffic areas or setting up free health check-up booths in busy areas.

44. Webinar series: Host informative webinars on topics like healthy aging and active lifestyles to educate and attract prospects and generate leads.

45. Podcasts for seniors: Launch a podcast discussing the challenges and joys of aging, positioning your brand as a thought leader.

46. Mobile app for updates: A user-friendly app can offer community news, and event schedules, and facilitate family-resident communication.

47. Drone facility tours: Showcase your facility’s layout, amenities, and ambiance with a bird’s eye view using drone technology.

48. Content partnerships: Partner with reputable senior-focused publications for content sharing to increase visibility and credibility. Or hire Kaleidico’s content studio to write, produce, and publish your online content.

49. Themed community events: Host themed events to show the vibrant community life and amenities that your facility offers.

50. Engagement through contests: Engage prospects and their families with fun contests that can offer a glimpse into your community’s spirit.

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We understand that we’ve presented a wealth of tips for boosting your senior living marketing strategy.

To make it easier for you to dive in and begin enhancing your outreach efforts, we’ve compiled a curated list of resources and links for you to explore. Click through to discover more and kickstart your marketing activities today.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer a guided approach with expertise at every step, consider partnering with Kaleidico.

Our specialized team is ready to take your marketing to the next level. Contact us to find out how we can help you fill your community with vibrant residents.

Explore a curated selection of tools and services to design and distribute impactful print marketing materials for your senior living community.

Flyer and Brochure Printing:

Billboard Advertising:

Digital marketing resources

Dive into the digital realm with these key resources to enhance your online presence and connect with potential residents and their families.

Influencer Marketing Platforms:

Social Media Ad Management:

SEO Tools:

Email Marketing Services:

LinkedIn Networking:

  • HubSpot – Offers various resources including LinkedIn marketing.

Webinar Hosting Services:

Audiovisual and interactive resources

Leverage the power of video, audio, and interactive media to tell compelling stories and engage audiences both young and old.

Video Production Services:

Podcast Production Platforms:

Mobile App Development:

Event and community engagement resources

Discover platforms and ideas to foster community involvement and host memorable events that showcase the vibrancy of your senior living facility.

Trade Show Directories:

Chatbot Development for Websites:

Local media and outreach resources

Use these resources to tap into local media channels and outreach opportunities, increasing visibility in your immediate community.

Local Newspapers:

  • Contact the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) for advertising in their publications that target senior demographics.
  • Check local community boards or city websites for directories of local newspapers and contact their advertising departments directly.

Local Radio and TV Advertising:

  • Contact the Radio Advertising Bureau (rab.com) to find local stations and get advice on advertising.
  • For TV spots, directly contact local stations’ sales departments or use a service like Effectv (formerly Comcast Spotlight) for multi-market advertising.

When approaching local businesses like radio stations or newspapers, it’s often best to directly call the sales or advertising department. They can provide information on their audience demographics, ad rates, and any current deals they may be offering.

Networking with local business groups and attending chamber of commerce meetings can also provide direct contacts and insights into local advertising opportunities.

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