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I support large sales organizations trying to get the most out of generally very talented people. Unfortunately, many of these people don’t believe it. Or have forgotten it along the way. And it all comes out in a flurry of reasons why I can’t.

Now I’m not a mindless follower of the think yourself rich cult, but I do know (as my Dad often said) “Can’t Never Did Anything.”

So what’s stopping you from hitting that sales goal this month? Here are a few of my hunches and solutions.

Notice that most of these are less about thinking and planning and more about doing something. I’ve found that often, in sales particularly, the less I think about it the more it happens. Maybe the book should have been: “Stop Thinking and Grow Rich.” No disrespect to Napoleon Hill, but you get my point right?

What’s stopping you? How are you going to fix it? What are the trick you use to break out of sales slumps?

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