Parking Asshole“Have I got a deal for you…”

“What would make you buy today…”

“I have some aggressive pricing if you purchase before month end…”

“You want to call me back. I have an incredible opportunity…”

Why do sales people start conversations like this?

Pushy, Obnoxious, Aggressive, Narcissistic, Assholes–these are just a few of the cheery labels folks put on sales people.

But, why are we like that? Other than the obvious effects of Post Traumatic Sales Disorder (PTSD) here are a few clues:

  • Sales Quotas – They make us desperate and crazy. Every month is a new treadmill. It is nearly impossible to see the future value of a relationship.

    So, I need to close you right now!

  • Compensation Plans – I don’t get paid for good conversation. In fact, I don’t really get paid anything until a handful of you people sign the dotted line this month.

    So, I need to close you right now!

  • Marketing ROI – These guys and gals are all on my back. Somehow filling my sales pipeline with bad phone numbers, emails, and people who aren’t even considering our solution is my fault. They spent a lot of money to get your info.

    So, I need to close you right now!

  • Sales Tools – I have a phone and email account. What more could I possibly need. I don’t know how I might keep track of you to follow-up when you really need me.

    So, I need to close you right now!

Sorry, sales people are assholes.

But, we can change. Give us a little time to ramp up to those sales quotas, compensate us for building relationships and customer evangelist, measure marketing on more than ROI, and give us the right tools to manage lots of relationships.

Customers will like us better and sales will improve.

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