Content marketing is backed by numerous statistics and company data as a proven way to generate more leads for businesses through the creation and distribution of relevant content.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 81% of marketers view content as a core business strategy, which rose from 72% the previous year.

However, many marketers have reported that they struggle with using their content resources to their full potential and cite lack of training and lack of communication as top issues.

Whether a business is just starting to dig into its content marketing potential or is years down the line, experts say going back to the basics is an important first step in any successful strategy.

Here are three tips experts suggest marketers use to boost their content marketing strategies.

1. Identify the company’s mission

A mission statement describes a company’s purpose, including what it does, why it does it, and how it does it, according to The Balance.

This statement then defines the purpose or goal of every piece of content the company creates, marketing experts say.

According to Search Engine Land, these goals may include:

To create the most successful content, experts say brands must evaluate whether each piece is in line with the mission and fits the defined goals.

If the content isn’t hitting these goals, it is a waste of time for both the content creators and the audience, experts say, and often drives businesses further from their goals by pushing the audience away.

2. Discover what the audience is asking

If a brand’s goals are to generate leads and build customer engagement and awareness, the team must understand the customer’s specific needs, experts say.

By digging into what the audience is asking, businesses can specifically fulfill customer needs and position themselves as the experts on the topics.

There are several ways to discover what the audience is asking, including asking the customer service team or call center to jot down customer questions, or posting surveys on the website or social media.

Search Engine Land suggests using the free website Quora, which is a site just for posting questions in all areas and topics.

Practical Ecommerce recently put together a list of content marketing ideas for July.

The topics included holidays, such as Independence Day and International Kissing Day, starting a newsletter, or commenting on culture.

While experts say companies should include lots of evergreen content that is always relevant, such as blog posts on key audience concerns or questions, it also is important to mix in some timely pieces that hit on widely shared experiences.

These types of content invite conversation and sharing, especially on social media.

If a company’s marketing team is still feeling stuck on content, or out of resources, experts suggest reaching out to a digital marketing agency for a reset or refresh.

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