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Build a high-quality law firm website to generate legal leads
Create an SEO content marketing strategy to reach your audience
Invest in a legal PPC ad campaign
Try email marketing to convert more legal leads
Improve Local SEO for better visibility in Google searches
Create social media pages for your law firm
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There’s no way of escaping competition as a lawyer. 

Another person is always trying to generate the same leads, with the same marketing efforts as you. There’s always another law firm that’s willing to spend more money to reach the top of the industry.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of lawyer marketing ideas you can employ to consistently generate leads and compete with other law firms. Your goal is to pin down the handful of tactics that yield the results you’re seeking.

With this in mind, let’s examine 20+ proven lawyer marketing ideas. You never know where you’ll end up, but experimenting with each of these will point you toward a marketing strategy you can rely on.

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Without a high-quality, optimized law firm website, it’s difficult to generate leads. 

You need to give prospects a place to learn more about your services and to get in touch. 

Create landing pages for each of your key practice areas

If you specialize in car accidents, create a “car accident” page. Do this for “motorcycle accidents”, “truck accidents” etc., related to whatever field you work in. This helps both with people who are already on your site, as well as with boosting search engine rankings. 

Add lead path forms

Lead path forms are better than old-fashioned clunky forms that ask the same questions over and over. They’re more likely to result in a conversion. 

Create a FAQ page to get on Google’s first page

Sometimes adding a FAQ page can get your website’s answers prominently displayed in legal Google searches. Not to mention the fact that it also helps people on your law firm’s website learn more about your services and related information. Add to your FAQ page over time to keep it relevant.

Write a powerful attorney bio

When people Google an attorney in your local area, you want them to find your website. A powerful attorney bio is critical to your success in Google, as well as when your prospective clients land on your website to learn more. 

You want anyone who reads your bio to come away impressed. Also, you want those searching specifically for a lawyer on your team to find them on your website. 

Add client testimonials to your website as social proof

People want and need social proof before reaching out. Testimonials, reviews, and case studies give them exactly what they’re looking for. Get creative by asking past clients to create a video review. As you get these, post them to a dedicated page of your website and to YouTube. 

Make sure your website has all the essential web pages

Homepage, services, about, contact, and a blog page is a good start. 

Think about the usual pages that every website needs to get “indexed” into Google’s search engine results pages. As your firm grows, your website will follow suit. 

Create an SEO content marketing strategy to reach your audience

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your site to increase visibility in the search engines. Organic traffic is important to your long-term success as a lawyer — SEO should be a big part of what you do. 

Make sure each key practice area has its own landing page—this improves SEO. 

Each landing page should also be optimized to generate leads.

Create a “lead magnet” to collect email addresses

Consider writing an informative and free eBook, guide, template, etc. All your audience has to do is give their email address to download the content. 

Now you have the contact information you need for future email marketing messages. And the user has something they can take away and use to establish trust in your firm. 

Create a YouTube video or YouTube video series

Competition is lower for YouTube videos than blog posts. You have more success with a video posted to YouTube. And of course, you can also embed this video on your website. 

Guest star on a podcast or local talk show in your area

There are some rules about lawyers giving advice outside of their jurisdiction, but this is still something to consider. Once you know what you can and can’t do, search around for popular podcasts and local talk shows that meet your needs. 

Host a free webinar

There are a lot of free webinar platforms out there to get started. Host a free webinar, track the results, and consider if it’s worth doing again. It’s a great way to generate backlinks to your website, which helps you rank higher for your target keywords. 

Create a list of target keywords

Don’t dive into SEO until you have a concise list of primary and secondary keywords to target. Without these, you don’t have an SEO strategy. You’re simply hoping for the best. 

Start a blog

A blog allows you to share content with your audience as often as you’d like. It also gives you full control of the topics you cover. And don’t forget about the potential for each blog post to rank in the search engines. From an SEO and content marketing perspective, regularly publishing blog articles is a must to stay relevant in Google’s search engines. 

Pay-per-click advertising is exactly what it sounds like. You pay for each click-through to your website. 

It’s one of the best ways to immediately generate traffic. While you’re waiting for your website to build momentum in the search engines, you can use PPC ads to generate leads. 

Create a Google Ads campaign

Google Ads campaigns are active — they target people actively searching for legal search terms. And of course, Google is the largest search engine in the world (by far). 

Create a Facebook Ads campaign

Facebook Ads are passive — ads aren’t triggered based on search results, so your results may vary. Even so, it makes sense to run Facebook Ads alongside Google Ads to see what generates the best results. 

Create a Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing) Campaign

Most people forget about Bing, but millions of people use it. Compared to Google’s keyword prices, Microsoft Ads’ prices are way cheaper. 

It might be worth considering a Microsoft Ads campaign to reach non-Google users. It’s a good option to drive traffic for fewer marketing dollars.  

Email marketing helps you stay in touch with and engage your audience via email messages. You can share news, blog posts, service updates, and anything else your audience will find important. 

Create a drip campaign

Drip campaigns are automatic email campaigns designed to send out a specific number of emails over a predetermined period of time. It’s a way to automate the entire process so you aren’t manually emailing hundreds of people. Use MailChimp or another email marketing tool to manage the process. 

Write a weekly or monthly newsletter

Consider doing a weekly Friday email news blast, or a monthly newsletter. Write about timely issues to get people interested or send out your best blog posts. 

Track the results for both weekly and monthly newsletters to see which performs best. 

Include a video in your emails

Emails with videos get more clicks and engagement. It’s as simple as that. Give it a try to see if this holds true for your law firm. 

Improve Local SEO for better visibility in Google searches

Local SEO is just SEO that’s more specific to your local, geographic area. It aims to increase visibility in local, online searches. 

For instance, if you’re a personal injury attorney in Chicago, you’ll want to rank for keywords such as “Chicago personal injury attorney” and “car accident lawyer in Chicago.”

Register your Google Business profile for your law firm

Improve visibility in Google searches by creating a Google My Business profile. It will give you a “knowledge graph” that shows your office’s location, phone number, links to social media, and more. 

You can add questions and answers to the knowledge graph too. Optimizing your Google business profile will also improve your local SEO. 

Ask for Google reviews

Businesses with positive Google reviews show up first in search results. Create a list of former (and happy) past clients and ask them to give you a review. 

There are ethical regulations in lawyer marketing that you must follow, including how you go about requesting reviews. 

Create social media pages for your law firm

Social media marketing is free and has the potential to reach millions of people. 

It’s also a good way to reach your local audience. Users may be more willing to trust law firms with a strong social media presence. You don’t need a social profile on every platform. Start with the two or three that you feel comfortable with from the list below. 

LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the number one professional networking platform. You can generate leads on LinkedIn, while also connecting with other professionals who can refer you business.

Facebook page

Network with your target audience both through organic content, as well as paid ads. This is also a great place to post your content and blogs. 

Twitter page

Twitter is perfect for quick updates and links to your blog posts. It’s also a good platform for sharing links to industry news articles. 

YouTube page

Start a YouTube channel where you share videos related to your law firm and legal niche. Optimize the text description with a link back to your website for maximum SEO value. Most law firms aren’t taking advantage of video marketing. 

Do you need help with your law firm marketing strategy?

You don’t have a lot of spare time on your plate as a lawyer. 

In fact, you may find it difficult to locate a few minutes in your day for marketing-related activities. Rather than put this on the back burner, go all-in by hiring a full-scale digital marketing agency. 

Kaleidico has nearly two decades of experience building a full range of online marketing services for service professionals. Marketing is what we do. 

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