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What makes an effective loan officer marketing plan?
How do I make my marketing stand out as a mortgage loan officer? 
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The career of a mortgage loan officer can be hectic—it may seem like there isn‘t any time to create an effective loan officer marketing plan when you‘re doing so many other tasks.

Building relationships, loan applications, referrals for potential clients, closings, and many other daily items take your attention. But to succeed, you still need to simultaneously expand your personal mortgage career along with the overall mortgage business.

What‘s the key to success with loan officer marketing? There are two practical and effective steps to implement good mortgage marketing.

First, create a manageable loan officer marketing plan that can cultivate meaningful connections and new clients. Second, employ some of the most effective mortgage marketing ideas and tools to help create the most bang for all your hard work.

So, let‘s start with the overall plan for loan officer marketing.

What makes an effective loan officer marketing plan?

The fundamental components of a loan officer’s marketing strategy should include the following. 

Focus on a mortgage market niche

Many successful loan originators choose to define their marketing targets narrowly.

For example, defining your most robust demographic or target audience will help you recognize the needs and preferences of your biggest client pool. Or you can focus your messaging on some specific mortgage products—or combine the two.

Do you get more business from young borrowers who are first-time homebuyers or older homeowners who are looking to refinance? Whichever is the more significant source of your business, pay close attention to them.

Match your mortgage market audience with the right product

Americans have so many mortgage products to choose from, both conventional and non-conventional, and you can’t be a specialist in everything. So match your real estate market focus with the right mortgage product.

Perhaps you’ve defined that your target audience is first-time buyers. Push the product that you usually recommend to that group in your marketing efforts. Prospective borrowers will be searching for a loan officer with experience for their specific needs. 

Well-defined, measurable goals

A strategy may drive a good marketing plan, but, as the saying goes, it’s all in the details.

A loan officer marketing plan needs to define and track specific results that measure how well the mortgage marketing strategy is working. For example, you can have a goal set for

  • Leads generated
  • Number of responses made through CRM systems
  • Completed loan applications
  • Website traffic

Define your goals and track them. You’ll have a clearer picture of how your marketing plan is actually panning out and how much return you’re seeing on this investment.

Review and revise

A successful loan officer marketing plan, like any marketing strategy, is merely a planning process.

A major part of any successful process is checking your metrics and goals to see how well you did. Whoever is in charge of your marketing plan, whether it’s all you or a team of dedicated personnel, should be reviewing those goals once a month.

If the goals are not being met, target the weak performing parts of the marketing plan and revise accordingly.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Find what works and repeat it. 

How do I make my marketing stand out as a mortgage loan officer? 

There are over 300,000 loan officers in various fields in America today, and that number is expected to rise. So how does a loan officer stand out—especially online?

Here are some of the best marketing ideas for loan officers for 2022.

Stand out with email marketing and CRM

Email marketing with your contact list—including past clients, partnerships, present leads, and referral partners—is an effective way to stay in contact with your demographic and catch new referrals.

With a top-notch client relationship management (CRM) program, email marketing provides a way to remain connected with your client base and follow up when necessary. 

Acknowledging birthdays, homeownership milestones and anniversaries can help you stay at the top of their minds. Plus, you can automate many of the connections, freeing your time.

Tips for email marketing with CRM software:

  • Segment your email list to fit contacts into their appropriate categories. Try for at least five different segments, depending on the scope and size of your database.
  • Client-specific email. For example, previous clients and new referrals shouldn’t receive the same content. Getting relevant and valuable information from you will make it less likely they will unsubscribe.
  • Private mortgage insurance alerts. Clients who reach their eligibility period to drop their PMI might readily appreciate a reminder email that the time has come to save money.

Social media marketing strategies

Your existing client base is an essential marketing resource, and you should use every opportunity to stay connected with them. They already know you and trust you. That’s invaluable.

With almost 4.5 billion users, social media is a great way to maintain those connections. But you need to showcase yourself and your talents with tailored content that isn’t heavy on sales. Try the following social media marketing strategies. 

Choose your social media platform wisely

From Linkedin to Youtube, several social media platforms are available to get your loan officer marketing content out. 

Each is preferred by a specific demographic, and you can tailor your social media content posts to match.

A few examples:

  • Facebook (owned by Meta) remains one of the largest social media platforms, with over 300 million subscribers in the country. The demographic has been shifting to older Americans, but you can see which demographic favors your posts directly.
  • Youtube is the second-most popular (not just video) social media platform, with over two billion active users worldwide. You don’t need to be a video wizard either. Short specific videos uploaded to Youtube and then shared on social media can be just as effective. 
  • Linkedin has fewer users (740 million—still a lot) than other platforms but is the number one channel for B2B marketing. This is a great place to make connections to local real estate agents and brokers.

SEO-tailored content for loan officer social media posts

SEO content for digital marketing is not just about what gets posted on your mortgage company’s blog or your website. It can also extend to your social media posts just as effectively.

In fact, your social media post’s content can be even more beneficial for lead generation than other marketing tactics, depending on your target audience. But conversely, poorly crafted posts can cause significant damage to your mortgage business if you’re not careful.

Even social media posts need a personal touch

Customized content with a personal touch can bridge the gap between being a mere online presence to becoming a trusted resource.

For example, sharing a tip for a first-time homebuyer or pics of you with clients and testimonials shows human connections in action. So even if your audience isn‘t engaged with real estate market issues, they can still find value in subscribing to your channels.

Kaleidico —your loan officer marketing agency 

Kaleidico is a lead generation agency with outstanding experience in loan officer marketing.

Our founder, Bill Rice, has over 15 years of mortgage industry experience and has combined that with his expertise as a digital marketer to help loan officers generate leads.

We specialize and excel in web design, web development, SEO content, email marketing, content marketing, and PPC advertising.

Our team has the passion and the skill that can help our clients grow their marketing strategies to create more consumer-direct mortgage lead generation.

Contact us today if you need help with your loan officer marketing strategy. Let’s start a conversation and see how fast we can get your online mortgage leads multiplying.

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