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A large email subscriber list is one of a modern business’s most valuable assets. Nothing compares to great email marketing content when it comes to reaching prospects and cultivating fruitful, long-term customer relationships. But how do you get started? And how you do you take your list to the next level? Here are ten proven tips for growing your email list.

What's in this article?


Answer “What’s in it for me?”

Capturing emails for your subscriber list is good for you, but how is it good for subscribers? This is the most important question to address with the initial design of your contact form. Make your value proposition crystal clear and persuasive. Tout a big list if you’ve got it, sell the expertise of your content or the great reputation of your brand.  

Streamline Email Form UX

Make the signup user’s experience as easy as humanly possible. The more work something is, the fewer people who will see it through to the end. So can you make it a single field and a single click? Depending on your needs, that may be enough to get the ball rolling. If you need more info to work your subscriber leads, choose your fields carefully for maximum ROI.

Make Email Forms Eye-Catching

Make email forms impossible to miss. Your form should located be “above the fold” — visible right as the web page loads, without any scrolling or clicking — and designed with high visibility in mind. That often means a big, beautiful CTA button, bright colors for your button or its content box, and text copy that identifies this as an email opt-in.

Use a Popup Form

Popups get a bad rap, and their function is certainly abused, but nothing gets results like a great email signup popup box. Popups, popovers, lightboxes, etc., continue to show up on business websites because they work well. To get the benefit without annoying your users, set a delay of 15 to 45 seconds and a once-per-session popup appearance.

Offer Signups a White Paper or Freebie

Often it’s worth the effort to reward signups with a white paper or freebie of some kind immediately before the user even gets your first value-packed newsletter in their inbox. Modern website widgets make this a fairly streamlined exchange so that you can offer a download via an emailed link notice or a site download right on the form confirmation.

Host a Contest or Webinar

Another way to drive signups is to host a contest or webinar. Users enter their email addy to participate. With a contest, options like opinion votes, content submissions, referral discounts, and product or service giveaways are popular. For a webinar, users want a valuable, informative piece of content that solves at least one aspect of their customer problem.

Leverage Social Media Profiles

You should already have claimed social media profiles for your brand on the various social networks, so there’s no reason not to leverage that existing reach. Facebook developers have created a prominent, easy-to-install subscribe button feature that links directly to your email signup form. For other services, like Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, use your bio/about me field to share your email signup link.

Publish Niche-Specific Newsletters

A wide content net doesn’t necessarily catch the most, or best, email subscribers. That’s why one or more niche-specific newsletters can be a real boon. For instance, health insurance agents may not be as interested in a generic insurance newsletter as they would be on one that covered only health insurance legislative news. That is unique, very specific, and useful.

Make Forward-Friendly Newsletters

An email doesn’t have to die in your users’ inbox. With little extra effort, you can add a secondary CTA to your email encouraging recipients to forward your content to interested parties. Email marketing widgets exist to make this easy for your users and traceable for your marketing analytics.

Leverage Social Proof

Social proof continues to be a powerful, persuasive mechanism for all kinds of consumers. The same is true for email lists. Don’t be shy to brag about your 30,000 subscribers — “proof” for your reader that your list must be pretty good. Social followers, customer stats, featured client, or customer testimonials can also work.

Final Thoughts To Help Grow My Email Subscriber List

Growing an email subscriber list of 1,000 or even 30,000 users isn’t as impossible as it seems. And it isn’t something that happens just by luck. There are many tried and true strategies to gain email subscribers and court them for the long-term patronage of your business. Combine what works best for you and your business and chart your progress. Make adjustments as needed.

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