This year’s Google Marketing Live event revealed several advertising updates meant to help marketers and advertisers compete better across the platform and help consumers interact more with brands.

Here are five updates experts think are likely to make the most impact on advertisers.

1. Enhancements to Performance Max

Google’s newest and most automated campaign type, Performance Max, is getting several upgrades.

These enhancements include an optimization score and automated tips on a campaign, burst campaigns to set specific timeframes for goals, and experimentation tools specifically focused on existing Google Ads campaigns.

2. Video ads on Discover page

The Discover feed on mobile already has video, but now will allow video advertisements that can fit in seamlessly with existing organic content.

3. 60-second video ad creation for YouTube

Within a new Asset Library that advertisers can access from Discovery, App, and Performance Max campaigns, advertisers can create quick video ads and publish them to YouTube in as fast as 60 seconds.

It can be done with at least five images, logos, and text assets.

Access to the Asset Library from YouTube and shopping are coming soon, according to Google.

4. Certain video ads will automatically scale to fit YouTube Shorts

Advertisers who currently run video action campaigns and app campaigns will have ads automatically scale to fit YouTube Shorts, a feature meant to compete with TikTok.

YouTube Shorts are featured on YouTube’s home feed, and also have their own tab in the app.

Shorts currently are only a minute long, which may urge marketers to tighten up their videos in effort to make the cut.

This feature is rolling out right away, so experts encourage marketers to take note of any performance impacts.

5. Overhaul on Insights page

The main focus of the Insights enhancements will be attribution and first-party data.

A new attribution section will provide a view of what’s driving conversions.

If Google thinks it can provide a better conversion approach, this section will also recommend a better model.

The updated Insights page will show advertisers which customer lists are driving campaign performance.

Google says new budget insights can help optimize ad spending.

Other updates

Google also revealed updates for shopping, and specifically for apparel brands, that experts believe may make a significant difference to these types of advertisers.

These updates include swipeable shopping ads in search, 3D models of products in search, and the ability to check out directly from a product listing.

While these updates may eventually expand to include a wide range of industries, for now, experts say the most impactful ad updates for all most likely involve the new video features and updated insights.

These enhancements should help marketers stay more connected to the audience and boost interaction, experts say.

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