Does My Company Need A Website?

do I need a website

Short answer? Yes.  And realistically, I could stop there and not write another word. Your company needs a website. Long answer? Still yes. But here we go. Two months ago, a restaurant local to where I live asked their Facebook friends “Do you guys think we need to build a website? Right now, READ MORE

The 15 Best Websites in Detroit

Best Detroit 13

Does Detroit boast good web design? The answer is a resounding yes. From restaurants to industry to nonprofits, it’s clear the Motor City takes web design seriously. In this post, we take a look at 15 designs that help businesses connect with their audience, sell their product, and tell a great READ MORE

The 20 Best Michigan Websites


What makes a great website? Judging by this collection of Michigan web designs, the answer seems to be a site that works for your content. Companies and brands need to communicate different things to their audiences. Sometimes, there are even multiple audiences to consider. Even within the same READ MORE