Medium is Innovating the Next Generation of Sponsored Content Platform

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We all know that the old business model for newspapers and magazines is dying. Unless you’re going in with a massive platform, getting companies to pay for advertising is difficult--especially in print mediums, where it can be difficult to track results. In general, supporting a business primarily READ MORE

Lead Traffic Formula

Lead Traffic Formula

Everything begins with web traffic, people seeking and visiting your website. It is simultaneously the most difficult and most mystical part of digital marketing. Launching a new website in no way guarantees web traffic. Most websites on the Internet get nearly zero visits per day. Contrary to READ MORE

Content Distribution, The Real King

content is king

‘Content is King’ has long been the mantra of content marketers and marketing agencies. Clients believed it and invested in content--oodles and oodles of content, mostly marginal and SEO-focused, and at first it might have moved the needle, but over time it seems to be losing its effect. Why is READ MORE