Do you need a website redesign?


Incredibly enough, there is a good chance that your company's website is one of the most neglected parts of your digital strategy. Could you be disadvantaging your website's marketing effectiveness? Do you need a website redesign? Many corporate websites fail to meet their full potential READ MORE

Creating an Engaging Social Media Profile


Looking to get in on the social media action but unsure how to proceed? It all starts with creating a profile, but just any old profile won’t cut it. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so what first-time visitors see and read on your profile is a lot like a handshake—they get READ MORE

The Value of Social Media


Should executives use social media? The rise of social media is one of the biggest stories in recent years, but you’d be surprised how many clients ask whether or not they should join in and what the value of social media really is. Well, first things first, I’m a believer in the practice. The READ MORE

SEO for Brand and Reputation Management


One of the dangers of neglecting SEO for brand and reputation, and your Internet marketing channel in general, is the cost of surrendering your brand and reputation to others to define. The Internet is a content monster. It’s constantly expanding with new articles, images, and videos about READ MORE

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