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Legal marketing companies have moved from the ‘nice to have’ column to the ‘necessary’ one. 

Gone are the days when you could rely on word-of-mouth referrals alone to promote your legal firm. 

Legal marketing companies can be one of the best gateways to grow your business and generate leads for your law firm, so it makes sense to find the best one for your promotion needs. 

To help you out, we’ve put together a near-comprehensive list of the top legal marketing companies available in their respective niche or general markets. Let’s take a look!

Law Firm Marketing Agencies

Legal marketing companies work with law firms to manage a series of marketing functions—including branding, website development, marketing plan development, content marketing, just to name a few. 

If you want to develop a wide-ranging strategy for marketing your firm, you need some big guns, such as the following companies.  


Targeting personal-injury law firms specifically, Rankings.io aims to use their SEO expertise to bring in qualified cases. They emphasize accountability towards their clients—a welcome gesture—and have been in the business for almost ten years. 

Hennessey Digital

Launched in 2015, Hennessey Digital is a global company specializing in search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media management, and ever-important brand development. 


Experts at generating law firm case inquiries (more commonly called leads), Kaleidico knows that digital marketing is more than just generating profits. It’s about people seeking justice and finding an attorney to help them get there. Kaleidico offers web design, web optimization, SEO research, content marketing, PPC management, and more. 

Legal marketing companies know that any law firm could benefit from an online presence

Having a professional, engaging website is not an easy build. You need professional expertise to achieve your lead generation goals. Here are some experts that can help out:


Thriving for over ten years now, Lawlytics has worked diligently with small law firms across North America. Cutting-edge software, websites owned by clients, and other customer service options allow practices to grow without compromising their marketing message. 

The Modern Firm

Also specializing in small law firm websites, The Modern Firm tailors each site to the unique qualities of their clients. This approach allows the personality and expertise of each firm to come through its online presence. 

Paper Street

Boasting an impressive twenty years of experience, PaperStreet has helped over 2,000 web projects come to fruition. Employing a comprehensive toolkit such as logo design, video, and image creation, PaperStreet promises to help each firm reach its marketing goals. 


An American leader in law firm website design, Kaleidico designs, creates, and develops law firm websites with the primary goal of generating valuable case leads. 

Using proven user experiences and strategic sales funnels, Kaleidico knows that a law firm website is the best source for generating qualified leads.

Mortgage SEO, Content, and PPC

Search engine optimization (SEO), content generation, and pay-per-click ads (PPC) are the meat and potatoes of legal marketing companies!

JurisPage Legal Marketing

With an internal dedicated SEO agency for law firms and social media PPC campaigns, this legal marketing company seeks to quickly elevate your firm’s ranking. 


Employing a “sophisticated” strategy to law firm marketing, ConsultWebs uses several channels, including SEO strategies, PPC campaigns, and “high-quality” video adverts, to achieve results. 


Emphasizing how important it is to get first-page results on Google, LawRank swims in the competitive waters of criminal and personal injury law firms in some of the most competitive markets in America. 


A comprehensive law firm marketing agency, Kaleidico can employ an abundance of tools to help attract as many case leads as possible. From SEO, to tailored content, to powerful PPC campaigns, Kaleidico can transform a law firm’s digital marketing strategies. 

Globally, the email marketing market had a value of $7.5 billion in 2020, expecting to increase to $17.9 billion in 2027

Legal marketing companies know how to get your message out without sub-par software tools funneling you into the spam folder. 


A giant company in business for twenty years, MailChimp uses automated email programs designed to drastically increase open rates and click rates. 


A leader in automated marketing, ActiveCampaign strives to go beyond the cold, impersonal email campaign to make connections with clients. Its goal is to attract and keep more customers for you and grow your revenue. 

Joining an online legal directory is one of the most effective and easiest ways law firms can grow their web presence and build links simultaneously. As a result, they are a staple of legal marketing companies. 

Law Firm CRMs

A customer relationship management (CRM) tool is software for managing your law firm’s relationships and customer interactions. Legal marketing companies use CRM technology to help firms stay connected with clients, streamline processes, and increase profitability. 


MyCase boasts they can cover the entire “client lifecycle” with lead and case management, billing and invoicing, along with robust reporting and communication options. 


Clio has cloud-based client intake software that works in tandem with their CRM technology to transform a law firm’s methods of attracting and retaining clients. 


Lawmatics uses its CRM for lawyers to help increase efficiency, attract more prospective clients, increase engagement, and accelerate growth. They pride themselves on intelligent, flexible solutions for growing revenue.

Legal call centers are a specialized and valuable tool for many legal marketing companies. While regular call center operators may not have the legal expertise to advise callers, legal call center intake specialists are trained for your specialized areas. 


GetBonzo has been in the legal call center business for over thirteen years. They have over 2000 clients and focus on freeing your time from answering calls that lead nowhere. 


Verse is an impressive lead conversion platform that employs specialized tech and highly skilled “concierges” to convert inbound calls with better call experiences.


The Utah-based SqueezeMedia offers call center services and marketing solutions to a wide variety of clients and industries. They emphasize their abilities to anticipate customer needs and become true business partners. 

Anomaly Squared

Anomaly Squared’s prominent feature is their multiple domestic call centers located throughout the country. The local feel of the call centers enables callers to have a “hometown” feel to their calling experience. 

We hope this list jumpstarts your search for marketing agencies that will increase your case leads and improve your online presence. 

Kaleidico is a full-service marketing agency, meaning that we can provide all of the services you need to improve your marketing plan. 

Chat with our experienced team and let us know what goals you’d like to reach with your marketing. 

It’s free, and it may be the best thing you ever do to grow your law firm business.

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