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5 Essential Elements of an Effective Lead Buyer On Ramp
Simple Lead Buyer On Ramp

Most lead buyers have never worked internet leads.

This situation causes an unnecessary high rate of failure for mortgage, insurance, and solar sales teams that turn to internet leads to grow their businesses.

For you, this inexperience is causing untenably high churn in your lead buyers – your lead demand. Of course, this volatility also causes challenges in efficiently monetizing your leads and creating stable revenue growth.

One of the best ways to stop this churn is to create a Lead Buyer On Ramp and supporting sales training content. In fact, this might just be your best revenue growth strategy this year.

5 Essential Elements of an Effective Lead Buyer On Ramp

Before we get into some of the logistics and mechanics of creating and implementing a Lead Buyer On Ramp, let’s look at some of the key concepts we need to address. Many new lead buyers are working internet leads for the very first time and these leads are very different form referral leads. In particular, internet leads are far less forgiving of a messy sales process.

These are the key elements we address in all of our on ramps.

  1. Mindset and math – This has to be the first step. We want new clients to really understand the big picture of this investment. The math is very different from your referral business.
  2. Systems and technology – Internet leads require a system, automation, and technology – period.
  3. Sales fundamentals – Many sales people are self-trained or not trained and lack some of the basic CRM, phone, email, and communication skills to be successful at scale.
  4. Sales enablement content – customers, especially internet leads, are savvy online researchers. Make sure that the lead buyers’ websites are compelling and credible.
  5. Leads – Once you have the preceding four components in good order it’s time to talk about leads.

This doesn’t need to be a long and complicated process. A simple on boarding email sequence or online video course can significantly lower churn and actually generate more qualified inbound inquiries for your leads.

Simple Lead Buyer On Ramp

A simple Lead Buyer On Ramp might look like this:

  1. Guide to Working Internet Leads – this could be a combination of a blog post or eBook with a companion worksheet. This can double as a great lead magnet for new lead buyers.
  2. Crash Course in Working Online Leads – this could be a combination of weekly emails and series of training videos that walk each prospective lead buyer through the finer points of preparing and working internet leads.
  3. Sales Training Blog – this could be regular blog posts devoted to a broad spectrum of sales strategies, tactics, topics, and best practices. Again, this will not only train prospective and current lead buyers, but also pull in new, well-qualified lead buyer prospects.
  4. Regular Customer Success Webinars – this could be a standing Zoom call that can double as a webinar or podcast and bring in the best in sales training to discuss all kinds of best practices and tips on improving sales performance.

Any business guru or management consultant will tell you the best place to find quick revenue growth is within your own customer base. The addition of a Lead Buyer On Ramp and more generally sales resources and training to make your lead buyer better producers is certain to lower your customer volatility, increase LTV, and ultimately grow your bottom line.

If you need help creating something like this for your lead buyers, I and my lead gen focused agency, Kaleidico, would love to help.

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