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1. Planning
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3. Analyze and Optimize
Start Working on Your Lead Generation Campaign Today  

More and more companies are turning to lead generation as a reliable and repeatable strategy to increase sales and grow revenue.

If you’ve never tried a lead generation campaign, you’re missing out on a great opportunity.

A lead generation campaign can attract potential clients, educate them about your products and services, get them in your sales funnel, and ultimately convert them into loyal customers.

Keep in mind that if you’re not using lead generation to attract your leads, your competitors are. That could be a problem down the road when one of your other sales strategies stops producing, and you’re forced to play catch-up with competitors who have perfected their lead gen campaigns.

However, there’s no need to wait until there’s an emergency to try a lead gen strategy. It works in today’s market as well as tomorrow’s. It’s very easy to get started with your first campaign with these three simple steps.

1. Planning

A big factor in whether a lead generation campaign is successful comes down to the planning. Make the time to set up your campaign the right way, and you’ll not only capture more leads, but you’ll also have a better understanding of how to improve and refine your approach in future iterations.

Planning itself consists of three parts:


Firstly, you need to define your campaign’s objectives. Think about what you want to achieve with the campaign, and what would make it a success. Establish what KPIs will tell you whether you met those objectives. There are a lot of options with lead gen campaigns. It could be increasing the number of people testing your product’s trial version; it could be prospects downloading your white paper or eBook, or simply getting people to leave their email address on a landing page.


The next part of planning is defining the audience for your lead gen campaign. If you don’t know who your business audience is, now’s the perfect time to find out. Beyond determining who your target audience is, you need to establish what buying stage they’re at. This will help you later during campaign creation.


The planning stage is where you want to think about what channels are going to be the most effective. Because you’ve already decided who you want to attract with this campaign, that is, your target audience, it’s going to be easy to figure out what channels to use. You’ll simply choose the channels where those prospects are.

2. Creation

The most enjoyable part of a lead generation campaign is creating it. This is partly because this part comes easily once you’ve committed your objectives, target audience, and marketing channels to writing in your marketing plan. With the answer to all those questions, you can start developing the actual materials.

You should start by choosing a main message of the campaign. You will center all of the other elements around this message because it’s important to be consistent all throughout your campaign.

Your marketing materials need to marry form and function. Not only is it a must that your design and UX grab your prospect’s attention, your headlines, content, CTAs, all other messaging need to hit home as well. It’s not enough to get passing interest, either. It’s vital they don’t just abandon your landing page or website moments after it loads. You’ll need to use strong calls to action that will make those visitors take the next step.

3. Analyze and Optimize

It’s not enough to roll out a lead gen campaign and hope for the best. Smart businesses know that they need to begin analyzing performance immediately after launch. The trick to successful lead gen campaigns is analyzing performance and then optimizing. You can always improve your next lead generation campaign based on your first one’s performance.

However, there are many improvements you can implement on the fly. Say you don’t get enough clicks on your landing page, or your conversion rate is extremely low. Something is wrong, and you should fix it now so you can meet your campaign objectives.

By keeping track of how your campaign is performing, you’ll be able to see what worked and what didn’t. So that in the future, you can skip strategies and messages that aren’t effective, and zero in on the ones that are.

Start Working on Your Lead Generation Campaign Today  

There’s no time like the present. Now is a perfect time to begin planning for your first lead generation campaign.

The sooner your team gets comfortable with this strategy, the sooner you’ll begin seeing results. The last thing any business wants is to be left in the dust as the competition masters a strategy you’ve never tried before.

You can always learn by trial and error. But that’s not necessary either. You can always get help and level up on your lead generation capabilities more quickly.

Whether you’re unsure how to get started or your team just doesn’t have the bandwidth, Kaleidico can help you build a winning lead generation process.

Introduce us to your business today, and we can begin creating a customized lead generation offer that will help you produce more sales leads.

Call us at 313-338-9515 or email us at hello@kaleidico.com, so that we can further discuss how we can help you. 

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Bill Rice is the Founder & CEO of Kaleidico. Bill is an expert in designing online lead generation strategies and programs. Kaleidico blends web design, development, SEO, PPC, content marketing, and email marketing to generate leads for mortgage lenders, law firms, fintech, and other businesses looking to grow a consumer-direct online strategy.

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