As content marketing grows more sophisticated, repurposing existing content has become a growing trend across industries.

Repurposing content involves taking existing content, such as blogs or videos, and presenting it in new ways.

Here are eight tips from across industries for how to effectively repurpose and boost content.

1. Turn a blog post into a video

How-to blog posts or posts that are saturated with tips or advice can find new life in video — especially since video is currently among the most popular forms of content marketing.

HubSpot suggests creating a YouTube video featuring an expert from the company to build authority.

2. Turn a video or webinar into multiple blog posts

On the other hand, a popular webinar from two years ago can easily turn into multiple forms of content, experts say, including blog posts, video snippets, infographics, quotes, surveys, and more.

3. Update an old blog post with new insights and statistics

CMSWire suggests adding an update section to a blog post, or updating the information in it without rewriting the whole piece.

For example, if a blog post is a top ranking article on Google but has statistics from 2012, writers can head back in with fresh data to boost SEO.

4. Create a survey or poll to update information

Multiple marketing sources suggest creating a case study from previous information.

This can be done simply via polls or surveys on social media, or it can be done more extensively through a conference.

5. Create an infographic to share on social media

Experts say one of the simplest but most effective ways to repurpose data-heavy content is with infographics.

While having a skilled graphic artist on the marketing team is always helpful, there are simple online tools such as Canva or Picktochart to help teams quickly whip up a shareable graphic.

6. Take a short post and make it into an in depth ebook

Sometimes the simplest posts or ideas are the ones the audience appreciates the most. In those cases, experts suggest pulling together the expert voices on the team to contribute to an in-depth ebook.

7. Pull expert quotes from past videos or blogs and share

Quotes are popular shareable items on social media.

Experts suggest digging through past content for expert quotes that pop, placing them over an interesting or colorful background, and sharing them across channels.

If the team notices a blog post that sparked a lot of comments, feedback, and questions, consider continuing the discussion on a podcast and inviting other experts and voices.

To begin the repurposing process, experts suggest evaluating previously published content to determine whether it still lines up with the brand’s goals and audience.

From there, marketers can decide whether to delete the old content or develop a strategy for repurposing it.

The No. 1 factor in determining whether to delete or repurpose depends on how relevant the content is to a company’s current audience.

Whatever is left from this evaluation then becomes the building blocks for the next phase of content, experts say.

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