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What is Local SEO?

Having a good physical location on a busy street is a great advantage for your local business, but things are not as different as you might imagine in the virtual environment. Being easy to find is imperative here as well. The great advantage is that it’s far easier to improve your business’s visibility online and attract more local customers through local SEO.

What is Local SEO?

This is a particular form of online marketing that is focused on a local level and aims to promote a business among local clients. Now that this is clear, let’s see what methods should be used to get significant results:

  1. Struggle to get more positive reviews

Almost 90% of customers feel reassured by positive reviews. Even on the local market, clients still like to see what former customers have written about your business. So make sure you get plenty of positive comments and reviews if you want your local SEO strategy to work out.

Getting more reviews is a top priority, so take advantage of each opportunity to remind your clients how important their feedback is. If you don’t manage to convince them to post their comments that easily, try giving them something free in exchange. Let’s say a discount or a free quote.

  1. Check your NAP

NAP stands for name, address & phone. They are the three elements that have to be carefully checked and emphasized as part of your local SEO marketing strategy. They are actually the essence of your local marketing strategy because this is the first thing local customers look at when searching for a certain type of business in their area.

Make sure that these details are always updated online, so choose a crawlable HTML format for this info. Another important aspect is making sure that your NAP is always accurate and consistent in each listing you have on search engines.

  1. Develop a habit for social media

Social media channels are tightly connected to local SEO. Platforms like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or LinkedIn help you get in touch fast and easy with local customers, so increase your presence on these channels as much as you can.

There even are local businesses that don’t start out with a website because these social platforms do a great job of drawing in enough local customers.

As part of your local SEO plan, besides regularly posting on social media websites, we also advise you to come up with local content. It will immediately draw your public’s interest, so start mentioning details about your city or area, talk about recent or future events that connect you to the community you are all part of.

  1. Local SEO is all about optimizing your content

This is an essential online optimization rule which functions equally well for local SEO. It all begins with the keywords you choose to include in your posts.

These terms help your clients find you faster on search engines. If your current goal is bringing in more local customers, you should make sure you use relevant keywords while describing your activity and refer to your location at the same time.

Mention your city or county’s name if you want to draw your local public’s attention.

  1. Increase your visibility on local websites

If you want to gain more local popularity, you should definitely include this step in your local SEO strategy. Register your business on local websites like Yelp. You can get plenty of local customers directly from these sources, and they will all help you rank better on search engines.

Your presence should also be highlighted on local newspapers, radios or TV stations, which are still effective when it comes to promoting local businesses.

  1. Have a mobile-friendly website

Nowadays, clients are more inclined to look for a certain business provider or product directly from their mobile devices instead of doing it from their desktops. This being said it’s a great advantage to have a website that is mobile-friendly and enables people to find you at any time on their mobiles.

We hope you’ve now got a better view of what local SEO means and how it can make your business more visible on the local market. It can make life easier, especially for small businesses that shouldn’t feel overwhelmed or threatened by the presence of big competitors.

If there is anything else you would like to find out about local SEO or other marketing topics, don’t hesitate to contact us to get personalized feedback.

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