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Here’s how you get more engagement on your Facebook Fan Page
5. Gamify your Facebook posts to get lots of sharing

Facebook leads all social networks in active sharing of content.

This is a big opportunity for small businesses working with smaller marketing budgets. Each new Like, Comment, and Share extends your reach on Facebook and gets more eyes on your business.

Here’s how you get more engagement on your Facebook Fan Page

1. Figure out what people want from your Facebook Fan Page

  • 42% of Fans Like a Page in order to get a coupon or discount
  • 41% Like a Page to receive regular updates from a brand
  • 35% Like a Page in order to participate in contests


2. Photos get people engaged

Posts with images receive 39% more interaction[4]

Photos get 104% more comments and 84% more click-throughs than text-based posts[5]

3. Shorter is better

Watch your Likes soar by 27% if you keep your text under 80 characters[7]

4. Smiley and winky face your way to more shares, comments, and likes

The simple addition of an emoticon can increase your audiences engagement with your posts by more than 33%.

5. Gamify your Facebook posts to get lots of sharing

Turning your posts and status updates into games of picking a favorite, quizzes, or trivia contests can up your shares by 30% or more.

Engagement is critical to getting the most out of your small business marketing budget.

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