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Why Kaleidico?

We’ve been creating content for the web, and for the express purpose of generating online leads for over 15 years. 

How we’ve used content to attract Google rankings and ultimately high-intent customers to client websites has changed significantly over the years. 

When we started in this business, we wrote to get into web directories, like Yahoo! and DMOZ. Google was a novelty search engine, Facebook didn’t exist, and neither did YouTube. Actually, video wasn’t even a viable media for the web. 

The curiosity, innovation, and creativity that has made us successful through all these evolutions of the commercial web is your advantage with Kaleidico.

Download Kaleidico’s Content Strategy Framework to review and share with your leadership team. Our proven strategic content process transforms average websites into lead generation powerhouses.

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How does content marketing work to generate leads?

Content is literally the fabric of the Internet. The fundamental premise of Tim Berners-Lee’s Web was to link together disparate pieces of content to form a World Wide Web

A clear understanding that content is an interlinked series of rabbit holes for consumers, and having the creativity to construct a smooth and compelling path to your product or service is a powerful lead generation strategy.

Kaleidico uses this understanding to creatively craft and design content campaigns that generate sales leads.

Kaleidico’s content marketing process is holistic and human-centered

Our content creation process begins with a holistic, human-centered philosophy. We collaborate with you to clearly understand your customers’ wants, needs, and most importantly their mindset as they pursue these desires.

During this discovery process we will discuss:

  1. Where do your customers get their information?
  2. What information do they need to select your product or service?
  3. What are the common questions, misperceptions, or boxes they need to check to get started with you?

These basic questions will begin to shape our content strategy, from audience development all the way through lead conversion.

A framework that consistently generates high-quality traffic

Effective content strategy requires a multi-disciplinary approach. 

Kaleidico uses the following framework to reliably generate high-quality traffic from our content:

  1. Discovery
  2. Strategy + Design
  3. SEO research and analysis
  4. Competitive research
  5. PPC 
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Ongoing Collaboration + Iteration

By using this kind of closed-loop collaborative framework and proven multi-disciplinary expertise we can guarantee lead generating outcomes.

Essential elements in our content marketing strategies

Discovery + Business Objectives

Everything we do starts with collaboration. No matter how experienced we think we are in the industries we serve – we take the time to learn what makes you unique.

Our discussions will culminate in clear business objectives that become our target outcomes.

Traffic Generation

Once we have defined what we’re trying to achieve and the types of leads we intend to generate, it’s time to find that audience.

We will use our expertise in SEO and competitive research to discover what content your consumer is seeking in your market. Our editorial calendar will be built around serving this need, better than your competitors and shifting these customer inquiries. 

This shift will become the foundation of our audience development plan. From this initial traction we will become increasingly creative using more innovative content, PPC, and email marketing to build an increasingly loyal and persistent audience for your brand.

Design, Development, Conversion

Before (intentionally) driving a single set of eyeballs to your website we’ll perform a careful review of your website. We are looking to assess the effectiveness of turning web visitors into customer inquiries.

We don’t want to waste money on creating content and acquiring customer visits without any hope of converting them into leads.

This process often results in some immediate incremental design, development, and conversion rate optimizations to get leads flowing fast.

Lead Capture

Now we have customers on the website. The next step is to get them to inquire with your company. 

Kaleidico puts as much design and strategy into designing our web forms and writing our calls to action as we do designing a brand new website- this is truly unique.

Our attention to detail gives us – you –  unusually high conversion rates. 

Lead Engagement

Getting the lead is not the end of our content strategy. We want you to get every lead into a sales conversation.

Our content process typically extends into the messaging and communication to get your leads on the phone to take an application or set up a case file.

Lead Management & Nurturing + Database Marketing

Some of your best leads will come from your CRM system – assuming you have one and you’re marketing against it.

Lead generation never stops. Kaleidico will teach you how to craft communication workflows to continue marketing to your past clients and unresponsive customers too.

You’ll be shocked at how many high-quality leads this will yield.


Strategy + Design

Audience Development

Lead Generation

Kaleidico can help with your brand strategy

Regardless of where you are in formulating or evolving your content marketing strategy, it’s valuable to discuss your ideas and objectives with experts that think about brands and positioning every day. Kaleidico has those experts and we’d love to have that discussion with you, for free.

Schedule your discovery session and we’ll spend 30 minutes together discussing your business objectives and sharing how we’ve helped clients, in similar businesses, build more effective brands.

Pick a time that is convenient for you and your team.

Download and review our content marketing capabilities deck with your team before our meeting. Come with questions. We love a lively conversation.