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Working with fresh new startups is one of our passions. These small and innovative companies are full of hustle and agility--we’ve been a startup and love that ethos. The Preo READ MORE


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You’ve got 8 seconds. Studies show that’s how long you have to grab someone’s attention. After that, they tune out and you’re history. How do you explain all the benefits of READ MORE


Cotton Incorporated

Cotton Incorporated Infographics aren’t just for flashy tech startups anymore. Serious brands, like Cotton Inc., are using them to influence their B2B audiences. Using data READ MORE

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Our People


Bridget Patton

Bridget is Kaleidico’s office manager and referee of shenanigans in the Kaleidico office. She keeps our creatives stocked with sufficient coffee, sticky-notes, colorful dry erase READ MORE


Joseph Lobsinger

Joseph Lobsinger is the master of coaxing out the secrets of the Inter-Webs. As Kaleidico’s lead researcher he can compile a targeted list of influencers or PR contacts in the READ MORE


Nick Martini

Nick Martini is the managing editor of Kaleidico.com. Nick is a content and social media ninja. Cranking out human and robotic consumable topics like a boss and editorial calendars READ MORE


Andy Madeleine

Andy Madeleine is the Video Director and Producer at Kaleidico Digital Marketing. He is a film school graduate with a diverse background of experience, and is always looking to READ MORE


Marco Maceri

Marco Maceri is the Associate Creative Director at Kaleidico Digital Marketing. With a background in politics and writing, Marco prides himself on his ability to communicate with READ MORE


David Quilty

David Quilty is the Director of Content Strategy and Digital Influence here at Kaleidico. His varied past of being a test driver for automotive television programs, a Hollywood READ MORE


Ashley Benke

Ashley Benke is an Art Director at Kaleidico Digital Marketing. She received her advertising chops from Columbia College in Chicago, also spent a short time as a toy car designer. READ MORE


Mike Carroll

Michael Carroll is the Creative Director at Kaleidico Digital Marketing. A former political operative, journalist and perhaps, most impressively, an ice maker, his diverse READ MORE


Bill Rice

Bill Rice is the founder and CEO of Kaleidico. He is blessed to have built a platform, in Kaleidico, that remarkably talented and creative people can serve our clients with amazing READ MORE

Our Thoughts

Do you need a website redesign?

Incredibly enough, there is a good chance that your company's website is one of the most neglected parts of your digital strategy. Could you be disadvantaging your website's READ MORE

The Value of Social Media

Should executives use social media? The rise of social media is one of the biggest stories in recent years, but you’d be surprised how many clients ask whether or not they READ MORE

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