Even small family-owned businesses can look like a million bucks. Kaleidico was able to take this small business brand and transform it into a brand that easily competes with its multi-million dollar nationwide competitors.Wildcat Wings, a sports themed grill and bar casual dining restaurant, engaged Kaleidico to help them take their brand and identity to a new level. Under pressure from larger, more familiar, and better funded restaurants in their local market, Wildcat Wings knew they had to make their brand look like a million bucks.

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Kaleidico created a branding package that strategically began shifting Wildcat Wings’ brand from the inside out–menus to website and social media. We also made sure that we created a brand to could accommodate their future growth aspirations of opening additional locations and franchising.

Wildcat Wings is now a strong player in their local casual dining market, holding their own with all their nationwide competitors, and positioned to grow steadily over the coming years.


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