Learn how to make content marketing a significant part of your sales and marketing strategy without taking your focus off of your primary business objectives.

Webinar Recording: Outsource Your Content without Losing Your Soul

It’s no secret that content marketing is a highly effective means of building brand and market awareness online—yielding lead generating web traffic. The problem for most companies is how to find the time and resources to create content for sufficient quality and consistency to get the results you need.

In this webinar, we take a look at why outsourcing, in the right way, may be the smartest content marketing strategy.

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Few would argue the fact that content marketing is effective, assuming it is done professionally and consistently. Here are just a few compelling reasons why you should be considering content marketing as a centerpiece of any digital marketing strategy.

  • Top 3 reasons people follow brands
  • Primary driver behind 50% of purchases
  • 55% more web visitors
  • 434% more indexed pages
  • 97% more backlinks

Content is at the center of most digital marketing strategies and campaigns.

Just my opinion, but in my experience the most successful companies are very laser focused on only two things:

  • Making the very best product on the market and then constantly focusing on improving it, and
  • Looking for opportunities to gain and engage with new customers and partners.

Notice that marketing is not in this list. There is a reason for this…

The Dilemma…

  • Most startups DEPEND on the Internet for awareness and business opportunities
  • The Internet IS content
  • Therefore, you NEED content
  • Content CAN’T be a priority

Marketing is rarely a core competency of any business. This is even more so the case with digital marketing, where the landscape is so very dynamic. Therefore, when a new or young (often even large and established) businesses try to do digital marketing, in-house it is inefficiency both in terms of resources and outcomes.

Why do I recommend almost immediately outsourcing your digital marketing program?

Most view content marketing in a very romantic way. Spending time in a creative environment—your favorite café or coffee shop. Words and design flowing onto the digital canvas.

But, that’s not the reality of how most content gets created.

Most content actually gets created during early morning or late night caffeine-induced sprints. Rarely is it inspired, but rather trudged throughout of a need to a get some attention and love from Google.

Unfortunately, the reality of content marketing is that you will either do it poorly or not at all.

However, you know that it is critical. I recommend you stop stressing yourself out and decide to do it well with a little professional help.

Although I am advocating that you outsource your content marketing, I’m not suggesting that you’re not the expert. In fact, I think it is critical to realize you are or should be the thought leader behind your content. You are the expert.

I am suggesting that you find other experts to assist you in creating your content.

This is very important…

Don’t trust your content and market messaging to some random bullpen of general writers. You need to find experts—people that are already writing professionally in your market. Whether you are hiring an agency or a freelancer, make sure that they are using writers and content creators that already credible and established in your area of expertise.

You have a very important role in your content marketing program, even when you outsource your content creation. You need to play a strong leadership and editorial role.

You need to carefully drive the editorial content direction and creation process. And and then after creating that content you need to be the head promoter—spreading and distributing the content into your network.

What should your content marketing program look like?

  • Blogging
  • Photo & Video
  • Content Distribution (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Stumbleupon, etc.)
  • Publishing 3 to 1 content to other blogs and websites in addition to your own
  • Start capturing emails, building your email list, and marketing to that list.

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