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What Is SSL?
Why SSL Matters?
What’s the Deal With Premium SSL?
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Ever wonder what’s the difference between Premium SSL and regular old SSL encryption? Choosing the right web development encryption could have big implications for your business.

What Is SSL?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption is a special technology used to create an encrypted link between a website and a user’s computer. The tech works through “certificates,” small data files that attach a cryptographic key to your company’s details. Certificates are bought, vetted, and installed on your website through one of several certification authorities. A web user’s browser recognizes the certificate and encrypts information your user enters and sends over the web, such as payment details, data files, login and password details, etc.

Why SSL Matters?

The other day, I got a takeout menu in the mail from a new restaurant. I flipped through the menu and decided to order online. But the restaurant’s website didn’t use any SSL encryption, and my browser noted the site’s homepage was “not secure” with a big warning message. Even the payment page was unsecured. I closed the tab and ordered dinner from a familiar spot instead.

This story illustrates all of the reasons SSL matters. Importantly, SLL encryption:

  • Keeps data secure between servers,
  • Enhances customer trust, and
  • Improves business conversion rates.

I didn’t feel comfortable entering my credit card info without SSL, knowing the connection wasn’t secure and that anyone could read my card number, so I didn’t convert. Not good. Another effect: sites without any SSL encryption don’t do as well in Google SERPs rankings.

What’s the Deal With Premium SSL?

At this point in web history, SSL encryption has become standard. Users may feel safe visiting and reading a site that doesn’t use encryption, but most won’t feel comfortable so much as signing up for email newsletters. Google is pushing hard now to get the half of the web that doesn’t use SSL encryption onboard. But top businesses are going even further.

Premium SSL certificates, sometimes called Premium Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates, offer more of the benefits of regular SSL encryption.

  • Data is even more secure,
  • Customer trust is elevated, and
  • Business conversion rates are higher.

That’s because Premium SSL certificates are

  • Vetted by certification authorities more stringently,
  • Indicated with a bright green address bar and padlock symbol, and
  • Verify that private customer info is safe and secure.

Certification authorities offer Premium SSL status to bona fide organizations, businesses, and corporations. Only corporations and LLCs in “good standing” or “active” status, or, general partnerships, unincorporated associations, DBAs, and sole proprietorships can obtain a Premium SSL certificate after being vetted. The vetting process takes into account the organization’s name, status, location, and website property, approving legitimate websites and keeping phishing scammers away.

Who Should Choose Premium SSL

Some web properties — blogs, informational sites, etc. — may not need the level of encryption Premium SSL provides. But the extra layer of encryption is a must for some. Premium SSL is a smart idea for:

  • High-risk domains, that is well-known companies that may be under greater threat.
  • Financial services, banking, and auction websites.
  • Popular retailers and e-commerce sites scammers might target for fraud.

Scammers look for sites that handle financial transactions or personal user details that could be used to hack into other systems. The last thing your business or your customers need is to be the victim of one of these attacks. Make sure you’ve got the right level of encryption for your business website so that you can keep user data secure, boost conversions, and raise your SERPs rankings.

Need help with your business website’s Premium SSL encryption? Call us at 313-338-9515 or email hello@kaleidico.com to learn how we can help.

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