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Knowing the Value of Traffic Metrics
Improving the Value of Your Conversion Metrics
Getting the Most Value from Your ROI Metrics
Realizing All Your Metrics Are Valuable

Are you tracking PPC conversions and ROI on your ad campaigns? If you want to understand what marketing campaigns are getting conversions and where you’re making the best profit, you should be. It’s essential to track the right metrics at the right point in time for your business, but too few go beyond traffic data.

Here’s why you should be tracking your PPC conversions and ROI better – and how to get started.

Knowing the Value of Traffic Metrics

There’s no question traffic metrics are valuable: there’s a reason they continue to get so much attention from marketers. Clicks tell us we’re getting noticed, which is no small feat in today’s over-saturated advertising environment. Our click-through rate and cost-per-click are even more valuable as data points. To a point, they can tell us about the success of particular marketing campaign.

Where traffic metrics fail, though, is that they can’t tell us about your business’s bottom line. Is this campaign making you a profit? And if so, how much profit is that exactly?

These questions are crucial to the future of your business. It’s too important not to answer them. And therein lies the value of diving into better tracking PPC conversions and ROI metrics.

Improving the Value of Your Conversion Metrics

These days, many businesses do track conversions, whether it’s a sale or a form submission lead. For one, it’s fairly simple to setup for web leads and sales with Google AdWords and Bing Ads. And these conversion metrics can tell a lot about your marketing campaign’s effectiveness:

  • Are you getting enough leads into your pipeline?
  • How many online sales or form submissions does it translate to?
  • What is your cost per lead/conversion?

But with the typical conversion data, we’re still often only looking at part of the picture.

For instance, are you tracking conversions of phone leads like you’re tracking web lead conversions?

Phone sales can constitute the bulk of sales for many industries, but very few businesses track customers from click to conversation to conversion, much less click to closed sale. This used to be excusable when tracking leads across channels was more difficult. But now that it’s just as simple as web conversion tracking? Well, you should be tracking phone-based leads, too!

Getting the Most Value from Your ROI Metrics

Ultimately, getting better data on your PPC conversion rate will lead you to get better data on your marketing ROI. When you can measure revenue on a per-lead basis, that’s when you can make precise changes to your campaigns.

If you want to make changes that will reveal your ROI metrics, save your business money on ad spends, and maximize your profit, here’s where to start:

Track Call Leads

Using the same Google Ads call tracker you use to track conversions, you can keep tracking those leads right through to closing. As you can see from Google’s description, you can track leads all the way back to the keyword that prompted them to call.

Integrate Your PPC and CRM Platforms

Connect your tools together to get the best value from both. Any CRM worth its salt should integrate easily with your PPC platform. Once connected, you’ll compare your PPC metrics and sales data to see how campaign cost stacks up against revenue.

Take Advantage of Built-In eCommerce Tracking

If your business has an e-commerce component, you can track your marketing ROI for specific store products. It’s another feature from AdWords that integrates fairly easily with your customer checkout process.

Realizing All Your Metrics Are Valuable

Remember that all your metrics add value. Traffic metrics are a crucial start. Conversion metrics are the next step. And when you’re ready to grow, ROI metrics are a must.

Look at your current situation to see which metrics are going to be the right choice for where you need to grow.

If your current marketing campaign could use a fresh pair of eyes, we can help. Call 313-338-9515 or email hello@kaleidico.com, tell us about your business, and learn how we can help your business improve your PPC conversions and boost your ROI.

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