Social media has become a dominant mode of human communication in the 21st Century. Platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, and others have changed how we talk to one another, and that change has had profound implications for the business world.

If your company isn’t utilizing these tools as part of an overarching digital marketing strategy, you’re missing out on important opportunities to develop your brand’s identity and message.

Why is social media important?

The largely informal, yet direct, nature of these platforms allows businesses to humanize themselves, making engagement with customers easier and potentially more lucrative.

Companies advertise to convey a certain image while explaining the benefits of their products and services; both who the company is and how it can improve your life. The rise of social media gives them an opportunity to demonstrate these things with greater frequency and even candor. This builds trust, and trust builds brands.

Gone are the days when the only ways to reach consumers were flashy billboards, overeager ad copy, and slick salesman-talk that made people scramble to hit the ‘mute’ button. Today’s social media strategy, such as Kaleidico offers, can make for a much more organic-feeling campaign and improved customer experience. And, when done properly, social media can even be fun!

Coupled with the right content marketing and SEO, social media can help diversify your points of contact while qualitatively enriching the process of profitable communication, ultimately leading to increased return-on-investment for your advertising budget.

Is your business reaching out through social media marketing? Are you looking to start? Find out how Kaleidico can get people talking about you.

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