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There’s so much great content out there, and so many talented bloggers. But most of that talent and content will never be seen. Why? One major reason: failure to appreciate the central importance of SEO—Search Engine Optimization.

Back in the old days, companies would frequently advertise in the phone book. It didn’t take long for some to figure out that naming themselves “A+ Plumbing” or “AAA Heating & Cooling” would help them appear first, alphabetically, and that would yield greater “search results”—albeit of a more primitive nature.

SEO gets you noticed—and can make a huge impact for your business

With modern SEO, you don’t have to game the system by starting your company’s name with the letter ‘A’. Still, there is some important system-gaming to be done. Put simply, SEO is how you enable your company or site to rank higher on the search page when people look for keywords related to your field.

The current search leader, you probably realize, is Google. Chances are, you use it every day. But it wasn’t always this way—Yahoo once held the reins of search engine power—but things change fast in the digital marketplace.

Knowing who’s on top within search and how they rank their results can literally be the difference between success and failure.

Knowing which words and phrases are most frequently searched, then integrating them into specially tailored content can have the effect of highlighting your page. This can result in a massive advantage over your online competitors. The higher you rank in the Google “phonebook”, if you will, the more traffic your site’s likely to attract.

Kaledico Digital Marketing puts a premium on SEO—of all varieties

Without the right SEO strategy and tactics, no matter how good your content, you’re going to be toiling in relative obscurity. As we’ve said—quality content only gets you so far. And it’s not simply the traditional keyword SEO—the Web search—that has to be considered.

If you’re familiar with Google, you’ve noticed there are numerous search categories: Image, Local, Video, Map, Shopping, and others. Ranking your site as highly as possible in all applicable fields is critical to your digital marketing effort.

Do you want to know the tricks of the trade and how to win the SEO Battle? Contact us.

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