Quizzle is just one of several startups we have helped get that all-important initial traction. Startups live and die by their momentum–usually defined by exponential user growth in the first year. If you don’t get to scale quickly the market and investors will lose interest, and you will lose financial runway.

This was the challenge when Kaleidico first engaged with Quizzle–it was a young startup that needed to quickly accelerate its revenue.

At the beginning of our engagement with Quizzle we carefully surveyed Quizzle’s existing marketing assets to shape our strategy. And here’s what we found:

Quizzle.com has great UX/UI designers and had built some of the best converting landing pages we have come across.

Quizzle had a very large friends and family seed email marketing list, but was not consistently communicating with or growing this email list.

This was a powerful combination, left completely untapped. It was this opportunity that became the foundation of our initial digital marketing strategy.

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Email Marketing
Ask any digital marketer what their secret weapon is and (if they are willing to reveal) they’ll tell you: email marketing. Kaleidico believes deeply in the power of email marketing to drive revenue-generating action in most businesses. This became the cornerstone element of our Quizzle Rapid Revenue Growth Plan.

Creating a variety of highly targeted email lifecycles, Kaleidico was able to effectively increase the frequency and buying activity of Quizzlers. Our email marketing strategy led Quizzle users through a highly valuable financial education experience while presenting them with exactly the right financial recommendation, at the right time.

The amazing outcome of this strategy was the nearly instant 30x increase in revenue from email marketing and the surge of email marketing to become Quizzle’s highest producing revenue channel.


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Content Marketing
While we were revving up the revenue from within the existing Quizzle user base, we turned our focus to aggressively growing the number of Quizzle users. For this, we again met the need of consumers by providing financial education–making sense of the confusing world of credit reports and scores.

Kaleidico developed and continues to manage a content marketing strategy that delivers financial education in a diverse and rich way–informational articles, data visualization and infographics, and educational videos. The result of these campaigns is a significant increase in web traffic, whether from search engine optimization (SEO), natural syndication, social sharing of the content, or intentional paid content syndication campaigns.


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Paid Media: Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Paid Content Syndication
Having launched a strong email marketing and organic web traffic foundation, Kaleidico built a paid media program that keeps Quizzle growing at a dramatic rate.

For this portion of the marketing program, Kaleidico uses a mixture of Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and a variety of paid content syndication platforms to broadly position Quizzle content in a highly targeted ways across a variety of credible publishers (i.e., CNN, Slate, Rolling Stone, Fast Company, etc.). This approach allows for Quizzle to gain a broad range of market impressions and effectively scale high performing (i.e, conversion and revenue) web traffic.

Quizzle is just one of Kaleidico’s many examples of supporting startups through the successful stages of business growth and maturity–traction, to market scale, to revenue, and ultimately to attractive levels of sustained profitability with the power of digital marketing.

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