More marketers are discovering the importance of personalized content for their audience in 2022, research shows.

According to a recent marketing trends report from Oracle and Ascend2, 43 percent of marketing organizations intend to add personalized content and offers to their strategies this year.

Research shows that most marketers are using artificial intelligence to help achieve these personalization goals.

The authors of the report said that AI “expedites pattern recognition,” which helps provide the right offers to the right person in the right channel.

The majority of marketers are confident they will be able to achieve their marketing objectives in 2022, with 64 percent saying their marketing budgets have increased from last year to help them reach their goals.

Personalized marketing starts with a strong brand voice that speaks directly to the target audiences and is consistently maintained across all channels, experts say.

This includes when connecting with clients through email, social media, web pages, or product recommendations.

Statistics show that personalization boosts ROI and increases customer engagement. 

Some of the biggest retailers find and measure their success with personalization tools.

Sailthru, a CM Group brand and personalized marketing automation technology provider for retailers and publishers, performs an annual research report called the Retail Personalization Index.

This year’s report evaluated more than 500 brands for their personalization capabilities.

At the top of the list were beauty retailer Sephora and e-grocer Thrive Market, which uses onboarding data, past purchases, preferences, and triggered content to build personalization elements over time.

Target also ranked 17th on the list, while Amazon was in the 93rd spot.

Calculations for the index come from a checklist of 80 attributes that a retailer could implement to personalize or enhance a customer’s experience across its website, email, mobile, other digital channels, offline promotions, and privacy measures.

While these big-name retailers have plenty of marketing resources at their fingertips, experts say it can be helpful to check out the ways these brands are measuring their marketing success and how they are using personalization across channels.

Marketing experts say the best place to start with a revamped content marketing strategy is to define the brand’s goals, core values, and mission, and use these as the guide for all future content and distribution of this content.

Developing a brand’s unique voice can take time, experts say, but is an essential part of building a true relationship with customers that will last.

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