Complete Guide to Marketing to Lead Buyer

Why do all lead providers’ lead suck?

This seems to be a universal perspective. It causes lead buyers to be apprehensive and constantly churn.

However, the truth is that leads suck for only two reasons:

  1. Your buyer is or has untrained salespeople, or
  2. Your buyer’s training and experience (referrals probably) is ineffective in selling to online consumers

This guide is ideal for two types of people:

  • Smaller lead providers with a small (no) sales team
  • Larger lead providers that want to fuel their sales team

Maybe even lead buyers looking for a little peek inside the lead generation business.

Who’s reading this lead selling guide?

I’ve talked to and worked with a lot of you all over the years. I know your frustrations.

  • You’re constantly hunting for lead buyers
  • You’re trying to convince lead buyers that your leads are somehow better than everyone else’s leads
  • You’re spending more than you should trying to “improve” your leads with expensive data, technology, and processes

The good news is that you can avoid all of this frustration and even side step a lot of your competition. My process of getting lead buyers is actually rarely used (for now) and makes you a solution provider, not another intern lead hustler.

lead buyer marketing who is this for

Avoiding the Lead Hustle

The secret is pretty simple.

Teach your lead buyers how to sell. How to convert your internet leads into closed mortgage loans, insurance policies, or solar installation appointments.

Take it even one step further and teach them how to effectively buy and manage leads.

How Does This Lead Selling Strategy Work?

Truth be told, it’s just good old fashioned marketing. But, the difference is that we are starting with their pain point, solving the skill problem and then offering the rocket fuel to really leverage those new sales skills.

Here are the objective that we focus on with this marketing to lead buyers framework:

  • Improve your brand awareness and loyalty
  • Grow a much larger prospective buying audience
  • Increase lead buyer retention
  • Improve the perception of your lead quality!

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Case Study: Selling Leads with Sales Training

 perfected this strategy in selling aged leads

Talk about a lead quality problem!

The challenge didn’t stop there. This is a really small market and most lead buyers have a negative impression of aged internet leads.

But, guess what? The world of telemarketing and live transfers is fueled by these types of internet leads. So, the quality isn’t that bad. You just need to have the sales process and systems in place.  

These internet leads, like all internet leads, can be an effective source of revenue growth. You just need the right system.

Define your marketing objectives

My first step was to clearly define my marketing objectives. In this case, I wanted to:

  • Enlarge the lead buying market for this niche lead category
  • Improve transparency around how these leads are generated
  • Teach these prospective buyers the sales processes and systems that will help close aged leads

Here’s what happens when we used this lead buyer marketing strategy

We sell over $100,000 in leads every month, without a single sales person.

lead buyer marketing lead sales analytics

We rank on page one for all the major lead types.

lead buyer marketing lead types

In Google and YouTube search, we rank on page one for the most important sales skills and training – to close internet leads.

lead buyer marketing sales keywords

lead buyer marketing youtube

Now for the Lead Buyer Marketing Secret Sauce

Harvest Sales Traffic

The first pillar of this lead buyer marketing strategy is to dip into an enormous audience hungry for sales training content. Specifically, they are looking for “silver bullets” to increase their monthly sales production.

lead buyer marketing harvest salepeople

Start with sales tips and tricks, but know that really the only “silver bullet” short cut to increased sales is and infinite source of leads. Am I right?

Hook Them on Your Way to Convert Internet Leads

Once you have them paying attention to you, start feeding them what they’re looking for – sales training. Teach them to be better salespeople. 

lead buyer marketing hook content

Give them sales scripts, cold calling, voicemail, and email and text follow up campaigns. Then teach them how to set up the systems to leverage these skills – sales automation and CRM optimization.

Introduce them to Sales Crack – Leads!

You have their attention and you’re improving their sales skills, now it’s time to introduce the real game changer – unlimited lead flow.

lead buyer marketing how to buy

But, don’t just push leads, turn them into lead experts. Show them how the sausage is made. Let them peek behind the curtain on how you acquire or generate the leads that they buy. Teach them to measure your performance through their ROAS, not your cost per lead.

Grow them into one of the lead buying whales you used to chase.

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Lead Buyer Marketing Strategy in Picture

Lead Generation Company Content Marketing Framework

Kaleidico can help you with marketing for lead buyers

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