Lead Generation

Why Kaleidico?

We’ve been generating sales leads online for over 15 years. 

Needless to say, how you go about generating these sales opportunities has changed many times – Google AdWords was a novel concept and Facebook didn’t even exist when we started Kaleidico. Kaleidico gives you the expertise and creativity to consistently generate leads in any market.

Download Kaleidico’s Lead Generation Framework to review and share with your leadership team. Our proven strategic lead generation process transforms average websites into lead generation powerhouses.

Kaleidico is uniquely focused on designing websites and marketing campaigns that generate leads.

What does a lead generation agency do?

Lead generation agencies are uniquely focused on outcomes that go beyond aesthetics.

Our favorite mantra is: “It’s not beautiful unless it works beautifully.”

We use design, web development, and marketing platforms and campaigns to generate sales leads.

Kaleidico’s lead generation process is holistic and human-centered

Our lead generation process begins with a holistic, human-centered philosophy. We collaborate with you to clearly understand your customers’ wants, needs, and most importantly their mindset as they pursue these desires.

During this discovery process we will discuss:

  1. Where do your customers get their information?
  2. What factors are important in selecting a company to work with?
  3. How do they expect to start an inquiry into working with you?

These three foundational questions will begin to shape our lead generation strategy, from audience development all the way through lead conversion.

A framework that consistently generates high-quality leads

Lead generation requires a multi-disciplinary marketing approach. 

Kaleidico uses the following framework to reliably generate high-quality online leads:

  1. Discovery 
  2. Strategy + Design
  3. SEO + Content Marketing
  4. PPC 
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Research & Analysis
  7. Ongoing Collaboration + Iteration

By using a closed-loop collaboration framework and proven expertise in a select set of marketing challenges we can guarantee results.

Essential elements in our lead generation strategies

Discovery + Business Objectives

Everything we do starts with collaboration. No matter how long and deeply experienced with are in the industries we serve – we take the time to learn what makes you unique.

Our discussions will culminate in clear business objectives that become our target outcomes.

Traffic Generation

Once we have defined what we’re trying to achieve and the types of leads we intend to generate, it’s time to find that audience.

We will use our expertise in SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, and email marketing to build your audience and drive traffic to your website.

Design, Development, Conversion

Before (intentionally) driving a single set of eyeballs to your website we’ll perform a careful review of your website. We are looking to assess the effectiveness of turning web visitors into customer inquiries.

We don’t want to waste money on acquiring customer visits without any hope of converting them into leads.

This process often results in some immediate incremental design, development, and conversion rate optimizations to get lead flowing fast.

Lead Capture

Now we have customers on the website. The next step is to get them to inquire with your company. 

Kaleidico puts as much design and strategy into designing our web forms and calls to action as we do websites and campaigns – this is truly unique. It is this attention to detail that gives us unusually high conversion rates. 

Lead Engagement

Getting the lead is not the end of our lead generation strategy. We want you to get every lead into a sales conversation.

Our process always includes discussions and tactical discussions around best practices for getting your leads on the phone to take an application or set up a case file.

Lead Management & Nurturing + Database Marketing

Some of your best leads will come from your CRM system – assuming you have one and you’re marketing against it.

Lead generation never stops. Kaleidico will teach you how to continue marketing to your past clients and nonresponsive customers too.

You’ll be shocked at how many high-quality leads this will yield.


Strategy & Design

Audience Development

Lead Generation

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