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Is it worth it for my firm to hire a digital marketing agency?
What kinds of services do digital marketing agencies offer law firms?
7 tips to choose the best digital marketing agency for lawyers
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Could your law firm benefit from a digital marketing agency?

Does your law firm have a marketing team? How about a marketing employee?

Like most, you may realize that you don’t have much — if any — help with marketing. And for that reason, you need to hire a company that can manage the process on your behalf. This is much better than attempting to do it yourself. 

Of course, this leads to an important question: what’s the best digital marketing agency for lawyers?

The first thing to know is that there’s no right or wrong answer. The best agency for you may not be the best agency for the next lawyer and vice versa.

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Is it worth it for my firm to hire a digital marketing agency?

The simple answer is yes. 

Since most people use the internet when they look for lawyers, you need to present your law firm in the best light possible. You need a digital marketing strategy that gives you access to large amounts of search engine traffic. 

Can you do it on your own? Sure, but most lawyers don’t have the time or knowledge. So, they end up making mistakes along the way that cost them in the long run. 

Digital marketing is a full-time job that should be done by professional marketers, not lawyers who are already too busy. You want results and you want them as quickly as possible. And that’s what a digital marketing agency can do for you. 

Tip: While you could hire a marketing employee or director, it’s often best to hire a full service marketing agency. This gives you access to an entire team, not just one person. And it’s often the most cost-effective option.  

What kinds of services do digital marketing agencies offer law firms?

This varies from one agency to the next, but you should focus on those that offer the following digital marketing services:

  • Website and blog design
  • Graphic design
  • Branding 
  • Pay per click advertising (PPC)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Content marketing (including content strategy)
  • Blog content creation 
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing

You may not need all of these services right now, but that could change down the road. F

or example, you may hire an agency to build you a legal website and assist you with branding. As time goes by, you’ll want to consider adding SEO, content marketing, and social media services to drive traffic.

7 tips to choose the best digital marketing agency for lawyers

Now that you know why you should consult with a digital marketing agency, it’s time to learn how to make a final decision as to which one you work with. 

Let’s look at seven tips that will point you in the right direction in your law firm marketing.

It’s one thing to hire a digital marketing agency. It’s another thing entirely to hire a law firm marketing agency.

Legal marketing has extra rules and regulations, all of which you must adhere to. A mistake in this area can cost you time and money, neither of which you want to lose. 

Make sure the marketing agency you choose understands the American Bar Association’s rules on advertising.  

For instance, here’s an important passage that will impact many areas of your online marketing plan:

A lawyer shall not compensate, give or promise anything of value to a person for recommending the lawyer’s services.

It’s a risk to hire a digital marketing agency without legal experience. Be sure that they verify their experience and knowledge before you proceed. Ask to see examples of their work for other law firms and what the outcome of their work was.

As mentioned above, you want to hire an agency that has a demonstrated track record of success. 

If you can’t find any case studies on the agency’s website, don’t be shy about asking for them. 

These provide a clear understanding of what the firm has done for other law firms. It’ll also give you confidence if you decide to move forward with a formal engagement with the agency. 

Without case studies, you’re more or less taking the agency’s word that they have had success on behalf of their clients. That’s a big risk that you shouldn’t be willing to take. 

As a general rule of thumb, review two to four case studies for every agency you’re considering. This will help you narrow your options. 

3. Ask to speak to former clients and read testimonials

This goes along with requesting legal case studies. In fact, it allows you to take the vetting process one step further.

Think of the ability to speak directly with former clients as a “superpowered” case study. You have the opportunity to ask anything and everything that’s on your mind. Questions to ask former clients include:

  • How would you rate your overall experience with the agency?
  • Why did you choose the agency over all other options?
  • What do you consider their biggest strengths?
  • What do you consider their biggest weaknesses?
  • How do you feel about the results?
  • Was the price competitive?
  • Would you use their service again in the future?

As you get answers, other questions are likely to come to mind. Ask each former client if they’re okay if you follow up via email.

As for testimonials, you’re likely to find these on the agency’s website. It’s good practice to read through these before speaking with references. 

4. Find out what their process is and who you’ll be working with

Don’t assume that you know how your relationship will work. You should know exactly what to expect in regards to processes. Ask questions such as:

  • What does the onboarding process look like?
  • How will you share your initial strategy?
  • How can I track your results?
  • Who is my main point of contact? Will I work with an account manager?
  • What happens if I need to make a directional change?
  • How big is your team?

Along with the above, it’s important to know who you’ll be working with. You won’t have a relationship with everyone at the agency, but you’re sure to have a primary contact or two. You want to know who these people are and what they’re responsible for. 

This is something you should learn about during the comparison process. Doing so will help you make a more informed decision. It also reduces the risk of making a choice you’ll regret. 

5. Ask them how long it takes to get results

You shouldn’t expect results overnight. It takes time to ramp up a digital marketing strategy and generate results. However, the agency should at least be able to tell you how long it will take to see the first round of results. 

It’s critical to discuss expectations upfront so that there are no surprises down the road. When you’re aligned in regards to an estimate of when you should see results, both parties can work together to reach that goal. 

Keep in mind that some services are easier to deliver than others. An example is a new website vs. reaching the top of page one for your target keywords. 

Your agency can control when they deliver your website. They have full control over the process. But when it comes to search engine optimization, there’s a lot more gray area. 

Note: Don’t work with wishy-washy agencies that can’t deliver on their promises. If you get the feeling that an agency is sidestepping questions regarding results, it’s probably best to move on. 

6. Find out what services they offer (and don’t offer)

Some marketing agencies for lawyers only specialize in SEO, while others do everything, such as website design, content production, and social media marketing.

To start, ask yourself what services you need right now. From there, consider what you may require in the future. 

You want to have a long-term relationship with your agency, so you need to look toward the future. 

If you hire an agency that only provides website design services, you’ll need to go through the search process again when it comes time to market your law firm’s website. 

The best approach is to ask for a list of what services are and aren’t offered. The best digital marketing agencies can provide this, along with basic information on what each service entails. 

7. Ask them if they have a proven marketing plan that has worked for them in the past

You don’t want an agency that’s still experimenting with what does and doesn’t work. You want an agency that has a proven marketing plan for lawyers. They know that the steps they take are steps that produce results.

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A legal digital marketing agency that can’t produce their digital marketing strategies is an agency that’s wrong for you. You deserve the peace of mind that comes along with this. 

Ask these questions 

You can learn a lot about a legal marketing agency on their website, but you need to get on the phone at some point. This is when you have the opportunity to ask questions. Five common questions to kick off the conversation include:

  • What makes your agency different from others that I am considering?
  • Do you have different pricing options to consider?
  • What would you suggest to a lawyer in my position?
  • What do you need from me to get started?
  • Can you introduce me to other members of your team?

If it’s important to you, it should be important to the agency you hire. Pay close attention to how you’re treated, the answers you’re provided, and the clarity in which they’re given to you. 

An agency that wants your business will do whatever it takes to answer your questions, even if that means following up with you after your initial call. This level of dedication isn’t something to take lightly. 

Could your law firm benefit from a digital marketing agency?

When you take the right approach to digital marketing, you increase the likelihood of reaching your target audience through various tactics. And when that happens, you’re in a better position to consistently generate leads and grow your law firm. 

With the help of the tips above, you now have a clear idea of how to find an experienced digital marketing agency for lawyers.

If you’re ready to take action now, Kaleidico is a full-service marketing firm that has spent 15+ years providing law firm digital marketing for legal professionals. 

Book a discovery session to speak with us about your marketing goals, budget, service needs, and anything else that’s on your mind. We’ll do whatever it takes to help you make an informed decision about the next steps.

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