Thank you notes can be a valuable tool to implement with the close or conclusion of a sale or other arrangement with a customer. They should also be used during pre-sales calls and visits. Essentially, you should send out a thank you note to any client or customer who takes the time to listen to your pitch or make a purchase. Sales thank you notes allow you to strengthen bonds with these individuals, as well as make it clear that you are serious about your business and commitment to each person that you encounter.

Another reason to make use of sales thank you notes is for the opportunity to communicate and perhaps even pitch that they provide! Cold calls and mailings are often not appreciated, but a courteous thank you note, on the other hand, always is. Word your pitch or product or service recommendation in your thank you note subtly, and your thank you note will still be well-received.

The funny thing about thank you notes for sales purposes is that they are not often suggested as a sales tip. Thank you notes can definitely do a lot for a business. The sending of a simple thank you note — which should cost you no more than one dollar, postage included — shows that you are focused on the customer, and not just on your bottom line.

There isn’t a lot of thank you notes research to refer to when exploring options, but any business who has sent out thank you notes to their clients can surely tell you that they play an important role in their company’s overall success. Since they’re relatively inexpensive and very easy to customize to reflect your company’s colors, logo and masthead, you’ll definitely want to keep a ready supply of them on hand.

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