Turns out that the more meaningful your landing pages are, the more leads you’re going to generate. Landing pages are essential to your inbound lead generation strategy. Every offer you’ll create will need to have its own landing page, so that visitors don’t get lost on your homepage.

While the importance of landing pages is pretty clear, web design is another aspect that needs to be taken into consideration here. This is because it’s a key element when it comes to creating a beautiful landing page that is able to convert visitors into customers.

Here are some of the best practices that will help you build high converting landing pages:   

  1. Make the message clear

It’s important for your landing pages to not waste people’s time. Make it easy for them to find the key points of what you’re offering. People won’t spend their time reading all the text, so make sure it’s easily scan able for them. For that, you can use headers, subheaders, bullet points, numbers, bold certain words or phrases and use italics.

  1. Use colors that stand out

Every landing page should have a strong call to action, but this also means that it has the be visible enough, so that people can click on it. Complementary and contrasting colors work best in this case.


For example, this is how the web design of Shopify’s landing page looks like. The background is a dark color, almost a grayish shade. The text is very nicely structured and the visitors can clearly see what they’ll get. Also, the call to action button is green so that the contrast between it and the dark background is obvious.

  1. Make your logo visible

By making your logo visible, visitors will know that they came to the right place. You have to place it strategically. It doesn’t have to make a statement, nor does it have to be the focus of the landing page. Place it so that people will easily recognize it.

This helps a lot, especially when people click on your landing page from external sources. After you’ve decided where you want your logo to be, keep it in that position in all of your landing pages.

  1. Keep things simple

Even though you might be tempted to add many visual elements to your landing page, it’s best to keep it simple. Even though your images might be fabulous, it will defeat the purpose of the landing page and people won’t be focusing on the call to action. Also, by having a lot of images, the loading times will increase. Even one second of delay will minimize your conversions.

  1. Social proof

By adding social proof on your landing page, you will increase the credibility of your content and you will also increase your conversions. If you’ve received some positive feedback from people that have already downloaded your eBook or used your products, post their feedback on the landing page.

You can even use quotes that people left on your social media pages. Social proof also means highlighting how many people have already downloaded your offer or used your products.

Increase the conversions of your landing pages with a beautiful web design

If you got your website’s visitors to click on the landing page link, then you need to take advantage of this opportunity and make sure they don’t go to waste. By making sure you included all the elements mentioned above in your landing page’s web design, you will turn it into a success.

Even though they say not to judge a book by its cover, most of us do it all the time. Don’t let your website fall in this category. Need help generating leads for your business? Kaleidico can create web design and lead generation recommendations for you. Give us a call at 313-338-9515 or email us hello@kaleidico.com to get started.

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