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Short-term Follow Up
Long-Term Follow Up

Create a Short- and Long-Term Follow Up System for Leads

Rarely does a lead close immediately. If you want a strong and growing pipeline, you need to create an efficient and consistent follow-up system. Let’s take a look at my follow up framework.

Every product and service needs a slightly different sales process, but the actual follow up process (timing, tempo, and context) can be pretty cookie-cutter. Here is the framework that I use for all of my follow up campaigns.

Short-term Follow Up

When you receive a new lead, time is of the essence. Whether it’s a referral, internet lead, or even aged leads and consumer data, the longer you wait to follow up on that lead the lower your potential return on your marketing dollars. Therefore, we’re going to aggressively follow up starting the moment that lead comes into your CRM (yes, you must use a CRM!).

Here we go…

Day 0

  1. Immediate reply with an email to acknowledge that you have received their inquiry. If you’re loading in aged leads or consumer data (make sure you have permission to email them) you still want to immediately reach out and let them know that you’re following up on a past inquiry and want to reconnect. Something simple like: “A few months ago you inquired about [service/product]. We didn’t get to connect then, but I wanted to make sure you got the information you were looking for. If not, I’d love to connect and answer any questions.”
  2. Phone follow up with voicemail – Don’t forget the power of the phone! No one calls anymore, kind of like direct mail. Because it’s so rare you’ll stand out. Using this same line of logic, make sure to leave a voicemail. Let them hear your voice and know that you’re a real person with real interest in working with them.
  3. Request for an initial discovery call/meeting

Day 3

  1. Send a very brief email follow up. Something like: “Just bubbling this up to the top of your inbox. When is the best time to connect?”
  2. Do another phone call and leave a voicemail.

Day 7

  1. Send another brief email follow up. Still, keep it simple, but pressing: “Hoping to connect this week. [Urgency statement: rates are rising/dropping, I’m scheduling out my appointment for the next couple of weeks, etc.]. Also, I thought this article might be helpful: [link to content].”
  2. At this phase, we are starting to condition them to value our emails even if they aren’t ready to buy. This prepares them to be inserted into the long-term, lead nurturing follow up campaign.

Day 14

  1. Email that leads with content and suggests that you are still interested in having a brief 10-15 minute call to better understand their needs.
  2. Make a phone call and leave a voicemail message.

Day 21

  1. In this email your goal is to try and get some reaction. So, this is the Goodbye email. Try something like: “We still haven’t been able to connect. I’m assuming that either your needs have been met with another provider, your situation has changed, or you’re just busy with other priorities. In all cases, I totally get it. I just want to let you know I’m still here to help the moment you’re ready. Otherwise, I’m just going to occasionally send you some tips and reminders that might be helpful.”
  2. If you have active social media channels, I would suggest they follow you there.

Long-Term Follow Up


Social Media

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