Startups never seem to end up where they begin. Founders often know too much about the market and overshoot it. This is why the art of the pivot is so important. Kaleidico, being the product of a startup pivot, is well versed in this art.

Kaleidico helped Doodle Home pivot from an online retailer to a software platform for interior designers. Our digital marketing strategies and video production shifted Doodle Home from an eCommerce platform trying to sell luxury interior design elements to relieving the most frustrating part of being a luxury interior designer–ordering and fulfillment.

This pivot was significant from an operational as well as a marketing perspective. Doodle Home moved from B2C to B2B. Kaleidico had to shift our tactics from acquiring affluent consumers wanting to redecorate their estates to gathering a community of luxury interior designers that are trying to pull off these elaborate design projects.

Beautiful Video Positions Doodle Home as an Influencer
As we began the pivot strategy, Doodle Home needed a hook. They needed something that gave them instant credibility. Something that would give them the traction too quickly makes the transition without losing the growth momentum they were already starting to experience as a B2C startup.

Video production was that hook. Kaleidico, with the assistance of Doodle Home, sought out the most respected and innovative high-end luxury designers in the business. Then we made a beautiful video of their inspirations and design processes.

Maxime Jacquet from Kaleidico Digital Marketing on Vimeo.

Doodle Home – Erinn Valencich from Kaleidico Digital Marketing on Vimeo.

Red Bull House Of Art from Kaleidico Digital Marketing on Vimeo.

The result was a stream of traffic and interest in the software that these successful designer were endorsing–
SEO, Social Media, and Email Marketing Gathers the Community
Once Kaleidico created compelling content assets it was time to get the web traffic flowing and begin capturing and building the community. For this Kaleidico used a combination of SEO content, social media, and email marketing to drive new traffic and then capture them into a lead nurturing, inspirational, and educational community email list.

As a result of these campaigns Doodle Home was able to effectively reach out into the interior designer and designer blog communities to attract highly targeted customers–customers that become loyal clients of the Doodle Home designer platform.


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