Trial and error. It’s how the world works, so why should digital marketing be any different? Now, that’s definitely not to imply that we at Kaleidico haphazardly experiment on our clients’ campaigns—far from it. But what we deliver are strategies, tactics, content and design that have been rigorously tested through this time-honored process.

Winning digital marketing ideas rarely happen on their own.

You can’t be afraid to fail at first. Even at second, third or fourth. Sure, every once in a while you’ll strike upon ideas that are fantastic right out of the box—but in truth, even those really didn’t. Those brilliant, inspired ideas were built on the remains of a thousand other less brilliant, less inspired ideas you tinkered with that didn’t pan out, or that fell a bit short.

It’s all a learning process, and experience is the best teacher. I’ve remembered precious little from my high school Latin classes, but one phrase stays with me still: repetitio est semper mater studiorum. (“Repetition is always the mother of studies.”) That doesn’t mean do the same thing over and over, hoping it works differently—that, of course, is how many define insanity!

What it simply means is: practice makes perfect. Through this “creative destruction”—taking ideas apart, scrutinizing them, and then putting better ones together—we learn what works, what doesn’t…and how to use both to our advantage. Nothing is wasted.

Challenging your ideas and assumptions is the best way to ensure the end result of your creative process meets (or exceeds) the expectations you set out to achieve in the first place.

This video featuring Ira Glass, host of the radio and television show, This American Life, (among his various other credits), goes a good distance to explaining what we mean.

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.

As Glass states, there’s an early point at which all creative types—and teams—seem to hit a ceiling. The trick is realizing there’s a whole lot of sky above that, and then working to break through the plaster, beams, and shingles into the limitless blue yonder.

And that’s what Kaleidico is all about—imagination, vision, creativity—but more importantly, the persistence and determination to refine those elements into effective digital marketing strategies for our clients. We don’t just love great ideas—we love how we get them.

Could Kaleidico do the same for you and your business? Contact us to find out how.

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