We Create Content That Tells Your Story in Your Voice

Nothing grows a business like your story connecting with your customer’s story. Engaging someone exactly where they are–in a moment of challenge, anticipation, or hope–you’ve almost closed the deal.

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Content is the ante

We all know that content is king on the Web. Great content, written for people and Google, is the minimum ante to have a seat at the table with potential clients.

Don’t let this happen…

Content is also critical to keeping your current customers’ attention and loyalty.

(If you don’t have fresh relevant content, they’re going to start emailing you articles written by competitors, saying things like, “I want to do this!” Ugh!)

Who has time to write all of that content?

We know all the challenges…

  • You hate to write. It takes you forever,
  • You don’t even know what to write about,
  • Even if you did write, how would you get customers to see it?

Not to mention…

  • You have a business to run,
  • Customers that actually need you to do the work they hired you for, and
  • Hopefully, new customers that need onboarding.

Kaleidico Content Services can blast through these barriers, get you in front of new customers, and dazzle your existing ones with your brilliance.

The process is simple

  • Kaleidico’s editorial team does a brief interview to listen to your “story” as a business, determine goals, learn about your customers, and zero in on your “voice.”
  • After that discovery session, we will recommend, from over thirteen years of experience, a couple of approaches and content programs that we feel will yield results the fastest.
  • Accept the proposal and program we’ve collaborated to build together and we get to work!

Included in every content program from Kaleidico

  • An editor, who will manage the editorial calendar and writers
  • Writers who are experienced writing in your industry
  • SEO and content marketing expertise that will get your content in front of new and existing customers
  • A collaborative editorial process that is continually monitoring and optimizing your content campaigns

We’re excited to hear how we can grow your business with incredible content!

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